EAA Chapter 1214


Chapter 1214 – Kill All Part 4


Numerous ray of lights surged forth, landing before Mu Ru Yue.

Following that, the Heavenly Dragon Flame Sword floated behind Mu Ru Yue’s back.



It sliced the sky apart, tearing the entire forest apart. The demon beasts at the forefront were instantly cut into halves, collapsing within their pool of blood.

The crowd was rapidly charging over to the plaza, creating a tense atmosphere… 

The examination was postponed due to this incident. Everyone was staring at the nearby large doors…

“It is almost a month.”

Yi Lian became anxious and said, “There’s no news about her during this month and I don’t know if she still lives or not…”

When the crowd was anxious, an elderly figure rushed over.

Lu Zhen’s eyes lit up when he saw that person. He immediately asked, “Grandmaster Tian Zhen, how is it?”

“I’m at the last step. I just need to change the heart of the array. The magic array will be fixed…”

Grandmaster Tian Zhen quickly walked over to the magic array after giving that explanation.

Zhou Min sneered at this moment.

‘It has been a month. Even if Grandmaster Tian Zhen fixed the magic array, she won’t be able to return…’


An explosion occurred the moment Tian Zhen walked briskly before the magic array; the entire ground quaked. Following that, blood-stained robes walked out of the magic array under the astonished gaze of the crowd…

Zhou Min’s smile stiffened. She stared at Mu Ru Yue as if she was looking at a ghost. Her body shuddered.

“Th-this is impossible!”

‘She survived!

‘This woman survived the attack of so many demon beasts!’

“What is going on?” Tian Zhen was stunned and commented, “I’ve not changed the heart of the array. How can she have exited? Can it be…”

Suddenly, Tian Zhen thought of something. He widened his eyes in shock and asked, “Ha-have you massacred all of the demon beasts within the magic array?”

His words were like a clap of thunder, landing within the crowd.

“What did Grandmaster Tian Zhen said? Mu Ru Yue had killed the demon beasts within the magic array!”

“How can such a thing happen? I’ve heard there are more than ten thousand demon beasts within the array. There are also ten God King Mid realm demon beasts. In the end, has she killed them all in a month?”


The crowd gasped, looking at Mu Ru Yue in disbelief.

Yi Lian chuckled bitterly. Her taut heart calmed down.

“This fella is an anomaly…”

They would be going to be scared to death one day by meeting such an abnormal person like herself, sooner or later…

Mu Ru Yue frowned slightly. She looked at Grandmaster Tian Zhen who was before her. She asked, “Are you the one that created this magic array?”

“That’s right.” Tian Zhen nodded and queried, “Little girl, nothing happened to you, right?”

Mu Ru Yue didn’t answer his question and asked instead, “Don’t you think there’s a problem with your magic array?”


Tian Zhen’s expression became slightly unpleasant as he rebuked, “I’m the top magic array creator within God Academy. How can there be a problem with my magic array?”

“The problem lies in your refinement skills of the magic array. The refinement of a magic array isn’t the same as alchemy. Alchemists use medicinal plants as a source of power while magic array practitioners use demon beast’s core and spiritual stones as its fuel. 

“Don’t you think this magic array is too easy? If you have added more dark-elemental demon beast’s core, you can create more difficult terrains and perhaps increase the difficulty level of the magic array. Furthermore, your positioning of the demon beast’s core isn’t accurate. Therefore, it is easy for problems to appear in your magic array…”

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  1. I just realise all the elders are arrogant thinking that they know everything and they are the best.

    She just face slapped Grandmaster Tian Zhen.

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