EAA Chapter 1218


Chapter 1218 – God King High Realm Part 1

Lin Ruo Yu’s expression became determined when she said that with a glacial ray of light in her eyes.

Mu Ru Yue pursed her lips slightly but didn’t say anything. She had a great impression of the woman before her.

However, she didn’t intend to let anyone know of her relationship with Wu Wang unless she had fully investigated what happened to Wu Wang…

“Little girl,” Lin Ruo Yu smiled and patted Mu Ru Yue’s shoulder. With a gentle expression, she said, “I am very optimistic about your future. Perhaps you will reach the same step as that man one day, reaching the stage where I can only look up to you…” 


‘I will be awaiting for that day to come…’

“Aunt Yu, I will head back to rest up.”


Lin Ruo Yu chuckled and said, “When you face trouble, remember to look for Aunt Yu. I will be your support within this academy. Nobody will dare to harm you.”

Mu Ru Yue’s heart warmed. Her peerless face wasn’t as ice-cold as initially. There was a faint smile on her face.

She cast a final glance at Lin Ruo Yu before turning around and leaving the courtyard…

Lin Ruo Yu’s smile slowly dissipated as she watched her leave. She frowned slightly, silently watching the gradually leaving figure.


Suddenly, an elderly voice was heard from behind Lin Ruo Yu.

An elder had appeared from thin air. With a trace of suspicion expressed with his white eyebrows, he asked, “Do you plan to nurture her?”

“Nurture?” Lin Ruo Yu shook her head with a smile. “Elder Rong (glory), do you think I am incapable to nurture her? She is too alike to that person. It was as if I am seeing that man once again…”

‘That man that I will never be able to forget my entire life and eternity!’

Lin Ruo Yu chuckled bitterly with sorrow within her eyes.

‘It is a pity that my affection will never be reciprocated…’

“Perhaps it is due to her being too similar to him, making me be impressed by her.”

Lin Ruo Yu gradually turned around. She asked calmly with her gaze focused on the elder, “Elder Rong, do you have his location?”

Elder Rong sighed after his heart ached when he saw the exhaustion expression on Lin Ruo Lin’s face.

“Dean, I’ve dispatched many people everywhere to investigate for any information regarding Wu Wang. But they weren’t able to find him.”

Lin Ruo Yu’s gaze became gloomy. Her expressions on her face kept changing.

“It has been at least a thousand years. Wu Wang, where are you…”

Elder Rong silently looked at Lin Ruo Yu at this instant. His heart subconsciously ached for his dean.

‘She previously was such a radiant person with an outstanding grandeur. In the end, she had become her current state for that man.

‘The current dean has lost all of her radiance. She just looked like an ordinary village woman…’

“Elder Rong.”

Lin Ruo Yu smirked a little as she declared, “I will be leaving the back mountain.”


Elder Rong was startled.

‘Since the disappearance of Lord Wu Wang a thousand years ago, the dean will always be searching for his whereabouts or she will seclude herself in the back mountain to recuperate. It has already been a thousand years since she appeared before the world.

‘Only one person, other than me that has been following her by her side, knows where the dean lives within the entire academy…

‘Even if it is the elders of the academy, they are clueless as to how their dean looks like.’

“Dean, you have finally decided to leave the back mountain.”

Elation surged in his heart after he was shocked for a moment.

The heavens knew that I had always been the one helping her govern the academy during the period that the dean was absent. I had long been sick of having such a life…

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