EAA Chapter 1219


Chapter 1219 – God King High Realm Part 2

“Mhm.” Glimmers danced in Lin Ruo Yu’s eyes. “But I don’t wish to let others know my identity. Therefore, you can’t follow me. You are to immediately inform Lu Zhen to bring me to the dormitory Mu Ru Yue is residing in…”

‘Perhaps it will be really difficult for the little girl to visit me at the back mountain, judging by her personality. Since so, how about I leave the back mountain to see her…’


Elder Rong nodded with excitement.


‘No matter what, as long as the dean is willing to leave the mountain, it represents there will be a day I can dump all of the matters of the academy to her…’

Even though with Lu Zhen’s guidance, the disciples within the academy disdained the woman in worn-out robes. She must be a villager that had not seen the world, judging by her appearance.

“Hey! Who do you think that village woman is? Why has she come to our God Academy?”

“Perhaps she is a family member of a disciple in God Academy. She also doesn’t care she will be humiliating her family member.”

“Quickly look! That village woman is heading toward Mu Ru Yue and the rest’s dormitory…”

The crowd was shocked.

In that dormitory, Qian Ye was a princess of the empire while Li Sha and YI Lian were from large influential family clans. Only Mu Ru Yue’s status was unknown.

Could it be that the village woman was her family member?

Clamours arose from the crowd at this moment. The contempt underneath their eyes was naked to the eye.

So what her innate talent was incredible? There were countless experts within God Realm. She would be oppressed by others no matter how talented she was when she didn’t have a strong backer.

Her best outcome would be to choose to join some large influential power, slaving her entire life away…

Lu Zhen who was walking in front almost wanted to find a place to bury himself into.

‘Have they mentioned the academy’s greatest boss as a village woman and find her humiliating?’

If it wasn’t for the dean not wanting him to say her identity, Lu Zhen would surely scare these judgemental noble men and women to death.

However, in comparison to the raging Lu Zhen, Lin Ruo Yu was emotionless. A gentle smile graced her face…

When Lin Ruo Yu pushed open Mu Ru Yue’s dormitory door, everyone had confirmed their guesses. It seemed that such a talented woman was from the village district. Otherwise, why would a village woman come knocking on her door?

“Why are all of you gathered here?”

There was a somewhat annoyed voice heard from the back.

When the crowd saw the incoming Xiao Yu, they momentarily quietened and discussed among themselves softly…

Currently, there was a woman by Xiao Yu’s side. If Mu Ru Yue was here, she would have recognised her. It was Huang Yu, the woman that tried to snatch away the Ancient Serpent Egg from Mu Ru Yue when she first came to God Realm.

When they left God Mountain, Huang Yu and her Elder Apprentice Brother Yun Jin had already returned to God Academy. Following that, they didn’t have any interactions…

“Xiao Yu, something must be up from the looks of it.”

Huang Yu sniggered with a mockery smirk on her face as she continued, “How about we ask them to find out what happened?”

“Elder Apprentice Sister Xiao Yu and Elder Apprentice Sister Huang Yu.”

The crowd’s expression instantly changed when they heard what she said. They hastily explained, “It’s like that. A village woman has just come to seek for Mu Ru Yue. We have just coincidentally seen that so…”

“Village woman?”

Xiao Yu frowned tightly. With a ray of light that flickered past her eyes, she sneered and said, “Huang Yu, let’s go and have a look. I wonder who has come looking for her!”


Huang Yu immediately agreed. Following that, she followed Xiao Yu in heading to the dormitory.

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