EAA Chapter 1220


Chapter 1220 – God King High Realm Part 3

Currently, Qian Ye and the rest were questioning the purpose of why the dean had sought for her within the dormitory. But a gentle voice was heard outside the dormitory at this moment.

“Little Girl Yue, is this your dormitory?”

Mu Ru Yue was stunned for a moment as she saw Lin Ruo Yu walked in from outside.

“Yue Er.”


Qian Ye looked curiously at Mu Ru Yue and asked, “Do you know her?”

“Mhm.” Mu Ru Yue nodded and replied, “She is the academy’s dean.”


All of them were shocked upon hearing that as they looked at the woman that didn’t have an outstanding appearance, flabbergasted. It was in their wildest dreams for them to link the woman before them to their prestigious dean…

“Is she Lord Dean?” Li Sha stared at Lin Ruo Yu’s face in shock. With a stiff expression, she commented, “I didn’t expect the dean to look like that. It is completely different from what I imagined she to be.”

“Li Sha!”

Yi Lian’s expression changed greatly, hastily pulling Li Sha’s hand.

Li Sha knew she had a slip of the tongue. She lowered her head, slightly ashamed.

‘I shouldn’t have judged the book by the cover. I had even said it in front of others…’

“Lord Dean, my friend isn’t sensible. I plead for the dean’s forgiveness.” Yi Lian turned her head to look at Lin Ruo Yu and smiled elegantly with reverence expressed in her eyes.

“It’s fine.”

Lin Ruo Yu waved her hand, not thinking much of it. She smirked and said, “Anyone that sees me won’t be able to expect I am the dean of the academy. Therefore, her kind of reaction is normal. I’m not an irrational person. Since all of you have become friends with Little Girl Yue, you must have some outstanding pointers.”

She shifted her head to face Mu Ru Yue after saying that. She then jokingly said, “You little girl definitely be cultivating once you have the time. I guess it will be really hard for you to visit me. Hence, I’ve come to recognize the way to find you here in the future…”

Mu Ru Yue raised her eyebrows and giggled as she said, “Aunt Yu, don’t fret. I will certainly be beseeching you for guidance once I face a problem in cultivating.”

Lin Ruo Yu couldn’t help but laugh when she heard Mu Ru Yue’s jest. But she looked at Mu Ru Yue with a gentle gaze…

The other three in the dormitory were stupefied.

They remembered Yue Er seemed to only be invited secretly by the dean today. Why did they seem to be so close to each other? They were like old friends that had not seen each other for a long time…

Footsteps were heard from outside at this moment.

Qian Ye and the rest frowned when they detected the familiar aura as they cast their gazes outside the room…

Quickly, a group of people walked in from outside under their gazes.

Xiao Yu and Huang Yu were walking at the forefront. Moreover, once Huang Yu saw Mu Ru Yue who was standing beside Qian Ye, she abruptly widened her eyes.


Flames of fury blazed at the top of her head. She shouted with gritted teeth, “It’s you!”

‘It’s this woman!

‘She is the talented woman that recently was greatly rumoured about.’

Huang Yu was immensely dissatisfied upon thinking of that. In her point of view, Mu Ru Yue must have obtained something from within God Mountain gaining the stroke of luck.

‘If it wasn’t for her, all of the attention and glory should have been mine…’

“Huang Yu, you know her?”

Xiao Yu turned her head to the woman, astonished. She didn’t understand.

‘It seemed Huang Yu and this woman knows each other. Why am I unaware of this?’

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