EAA Chapter 1221


Chapter 1221 – God King High Realm Part 4

“I not only know her but I also have grudges against her!” Huang Yu snorted coldly and continued, “Xiao Yu, you should remember that I had a fiance called Lin Ru Suo. This woman has a subordinate known as Fire Phoenix who had not only attracted him to her but had also shamelessly seduced him. Even though Lin Ru Suo isn’t someone I want, he isn’t someone any trash can pick up.

“Furthermore, this woman snatched away my Ancient Soaring Serpent Egg within God Mountain that year. She also took advantage of the chaos to steal all of my treasures. Otherwise, how do you think she has such success now?”

Huang Yu raised her chin and looked at Mu Ru Yue with disdain.

Clamours arose from the crowd upon hearing that. So Mu Ru Yue stole others’ belongings to gain her current achievements…


Heat instantly surge forth within the Alchemy Book. Fire Phoenix immediately wanted to charge out of the Alchemy Book to teach this woman a lesson.

‘She is making bogus accusations, stating Master has stolen her items. It was she that failed to snatch Master’s Ancient Soaring Serpent but she still dared to slander Master!’

“Fire Phoenix?”

Lin Ruo Yu was stunned for a moment before she smiled bitterly and commented, “It should just be a coincidence…”

‘How can Fire Phoenix appear in this place? All of the demon beasts under him has disappeared along with his disappearance…’

“Mu Ru Yue, so you are that shameless!”

If it was in the past, Xiao Yu would still act gentle and kind-hearted in front of Qi Mo. Currently, Qi Mo had already dumped her. The remaining hatred made her unable to keep up with her facade.

With a disdainful smile on her face, she declared, “I will report this matter to the elders, asking them to seek justice for Huang Yu. On the other hand…” Xiao Yu sniggered and glanced at Lin Ruo Yu who was beside Mu Ru Yue. With a mockery smirk on her face, she asked, “I wonder who is this person to you.”

Lin Ruo Yu’s expression turned gloomy ever since Xiao Yu’s appearance. She momentarily replied snappily after hearing her question, “Her aunt!”


Xiao Yu nodded her head as though she understood something. The smile on her face intensified as she said, “Mu Ru Yue, so you are from the countryside. Qian Ye, are you really willing to be in a team with a country bumpkin that knows nothing about the world? Your action only makes me look down on you!”

Qian Ye was enraged long ago. If it wasn’t Yi Lian pulling her back, perhaps she would have already ripped the faces of these two women off.

“Xiao Yu, who do you think you are? Don’t be such a narcissist. I, Qian Ye, don’t need you to look up to me. It will be an insult to me that way!”

Xiao Yu’s expression darkened as she looked coldly at Qian Ye who was looking at her with her chin up high.


Huang Yu raised her head to look at Lin Ruo Yu who was standing at the side. She said arrogantly with her chin up high, “Which countryside have you come from? Our academy isn’t a place where someone like you can enter. Why aren’t you immediately leaving this place? Otherwise, I will make someone sweep you out of the academy!”

She temporarily couldn’t do anything to Mu Ru Yue within the academy so she dumped all of her vengeance onto Lin Ruo Yu.

Yet, she was clueless she had already offended the academy’s most prestigious person…

Yi Lian frowned but just when she wanted to say Lin Ruo Yu’s identity, she was interrupted by a glacial voice…

“Is this academy your home? Are you the one that sets the rules of the academy? I don’t seem to have heard of a rule that the academy can chase a person out of the academy.”

Xiao Yu frowned her long, shapely eyebrows slightly as she sized up Lin Ruo Yu.

She wasn’t Huang Yu after all.

‘Even though I had also treated Lin Ruo Yu as a village woman that didn’t have an outstanding appearance at the beginning, her expression and intonation when she speaks doesn’t seem to be one that a village woman should have…’

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