EAA Chapter 1222


Chapter 1222- God King High Realm Part 5

“Huang Yu.”

Xiao Yu wanted to stop her when she thought about that.

“Let’s go.”

“We can’t.” Huang Yu’s expression changed and said with a sneer, “This village woman looked down on me! Our Master is the honorable dean of the academy. Moreover, rules are man-made so it naturally can be changed. My master has the authority to chase away a shrew woman like yourself!”



A snigger was suddenly heard at this moment, making Huang Yu’s expression change. She almost couldn’t breathe from anger when she glared furiously at Li Sha who was sniggering.

“What are you laughing at?”

“I’m laughing at the fact where someone is a shrew woman but calls other a shrew woman. Haha!”

“You…” Huang Yu’s expression turned ashen. Flames of fury ignited beneath her eyes. “You are too gutsy! Do you believe I can make you scram out of the academy?”

Lu Sha’s eyes were filled with cheekiness. Her golden hair radiated with a candid glow under the sunlight.

“I believe…”

She paused for a moment before she continued, “You will never succeed!”

Huang Yu’s originally raised chin was instantly lowered at her statement. A fit of simmering anger flashed past her face. When she wanted to continue bickering, Xiao Yu pulled tightly on her arm.

“Huang Yu, let’s go first.”

Huang Yu was a little stunned. She was already pulled out of the room when she came back to her senses…

“Xiao Yu, why did you pull me away?”

She pulled her arm away from Xiao Yu’s hold and asked snappily.

“Huang Yu, you have not lived in a village so you won’t know what kind of bearing a village woman should have. Yet, I’ve grown up in the countryside so I naturally have some understandings in this area. That crudely dressed woman had a grandeur of a high-ranking person no matter if it is her expression and bearing.”

Xiao Yu was startled before she burst out laughing. “Grandeur? She is just a village woman. How can she have a grandeur? You must have seen it wrong. To boot, so what if she isn’t a village woman. Can she be more powerful than our God academy no matter how influential she is?”

“That’s logical.”

Xiao Yu calmed down.

‘Even if Mu Ru Yue doesn’t come from the countryside, she is destined to be oppressed by me within the academy if she doesn’t have a backer.

‘Hasn’t Qian Ye who is an honourable Empire’s princess live under my shadow?’

“Let’s go. I must eliminate all four of them no matter what in the final exam!” Xiao Yu sneered. A glint flashed past her eyes.

‘I no longer want to see Qian Ye in my life. Therefore, it is destined for us to have a life or death showdown within God Academy…’

Qian Ye looked at the departing crowd within the dormitory. She said fuming, “These people are too much! Lord Dean, why didn’t you reveal your identity?”

The rest of the people cast their gaze to Lin Ruo Yu upon hearing that. It was as if they didn’t understand her actions…

Lin Ruo Yu smiled slightly and explained, “Not everyone is qualified to know my identity! I also don’t hope for people to keep on disturbing me. I prefer a quiet life. As for those arrogant people, if gossiping makes them feel good, let them be then. I will just treat it as a free show…”

‘At my age, if I still stoop down to the youngling’s level, I would have wasted at least a thousand years of living…’

It was quickly the last day of the exams.

Lu Zhen walked to the center of the plaza under the disciple’s gazes. He cleared his throat before he announced, “Everyone, all of you must have been waiting ages for today to come already. It can be counted as all of you passes this year’s examination after passing today’s exam.”

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