EAA Chapter 1223


Chapter 1223 – God King High Realm Part 6

“Your seniors will be battling against you during this final exam! If you stand victorious, you can directly advance to the next year. But if you fail, you will need to resit the exam. If you still fail the resit, I can only say sorry to you…”

The crowd still discussed among themselves even though they already knew what the final exam was on.

This exam also depended on luck. If their luck was good, they would be able to directly advance to the next year. If they picked some powerful elder apprentice brothers and sisters via drawing lots, they probably needed to do a resit for the exam…

“If you all are ready, we shall start the exam now.”


When Lu Zhen was about to draw lots, a voice was heard from the judge panel.

“Lu Zhen, haven’t you gone to find Mu Ru Yue a couple of days back?” Zhou Min frowned as she looked coldly at the man that was in the center of the plaza and continued, “I suspect you’ve already been bribed by her. You will probably draw some weak opponents for her. Therefore, I will personally draw lots instead!”

“Elder Zhou Min.”

Lu Zhen’s expression turned ashen as he rebuked fumingly, “I, Lu Zhen, has been with the academy for so many years. Everyone in the academy knows what kind of person I am. Moreover, the reason why I sought her is…”

‘To convey the dean’s instruction.’

But he subconsciously swallowed the remaining of his words when he saw Zhou Min looking at him in disdain.

‘Even if I say it, who will believe me? They perhaps reckon I am just finding excuses…’

Lu Zhen chuckled bitterly subconsciously upon thinking about that. He shook his head and sighed.

“What’s the reason?”

Zhou Min sniggered and rebuked, “Who knows what your true personality is? There’s a phrase, ‘one may know a person for a long time without understanding his true nature’! I can’t believe you so I am withdrawing your qualification to draw the lots.”


Lu Zhen’s complexion turned gravely pale.

‘I’ve already suspected it was Zhou Min that tampered with the magic array during the previous exam. If she is to personally draw the lots, it will be easy to imagine what kind of expert Mu Ru Yue will face…’

“Elder Zhou Min. This is my task. I don’t need for you to be involved in this.”

Lu Zhen took in a deep breath and said each of those words heavily.

“Lu Zhen, don’t forget. I am an elder in this academy. This is an order!”

“You…” Lu Zhen was angered to the point his face increasingly turned ashen. He clenched his fist tightly. He glanced at Lin Ruo Yu who was standing within the crowd.

When he saw Lord Dean not deciding to stop her, he relaxed his fists. He sneered and said, “Elder Zhou Min, I have an advice for you. There are some people you can’t afford to offend! You shouldn’t provoke unnecessary misfortune on yourself!”

“Can’t afford to offend?”

When Zhou Min saw Lu Zhen walking down the stage, she frowned her eyebrows and asked, “What did he mean by that? Xiao Yu, are you aware of that?”

Xiao Yu came back to her senses and with a slightly pursed lips, she explained, “There was a village woman that came to find Mu Ru Yue yesterday. She called herself Mu Ru Yue’s aunt. Moreover, that village woman was led by Lu Zhen. The village woman didn’t have an outstanding appearance. She seems to be a woman that does crude jobs in the village.

“However, she has an exceptional grandeur in her bearings. Can it be Lu Zhen knows her identity? Maybe Mu Ru Yue comes from some large influential family?”

Zhou Min sniggered and said with confidence, “So that’s the case. No matter who she is, her status will still be insignificant as compared to this God Academy. I have a reputation within God Academy so I don’t need to worry about those matters…”

 An indistinct glint flickered past her eyes when she said that…

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