EAA CHapter 1225


Chapter 1225- God King High Realm Part 8

The man’s voice was arrogant and brazen. His eyes were covered with a layer of darkness.


When Mu Ru Yue raised her hand, the Heavenly Dragon Flame Sword was grasped within her hand.

She smirked slightly and commented, “Since so, I shall be uncourteous. A Sword That Pierces Through The Heavens!”


‘A Sword That Pierces Through The Heavens?’

Lin Ruo Yu’s body stiffened for a while upon hearing those seven words. She seemed to raise her head and looked at the woman that had slashed the large sword mercilessly down in disbelief.

“A Sword That Pierces Through The Heavens? How is this possible? How can she know ‘A Sword That Pierces Through The Heavens’s move?”

‘A Sword That Pierces Through The Heavens was Wu Wang’s killer move that year. How can she know how to do that sword move then?’

Lin Ruo Yu’s face was filled with excitement at this instant, staring at Mu Ru Yue. She was, more importantly, reluctant to shift her gaze away.

Greed brimmed in her eyes. It was as though she was trying to engrave that killer move into her heart. It was only then she could continue to believe that man was still living in this world…


When the flames from the sky slashed down, it had forced Chu Kuang to retreat a couple of steps back.

He raised his handsome face and looked at Mu Ru Yue with his grey eyes. He narrowed his eyes slightly. He charged toward Mu Ru Yue without any warning.


Green flames were ignited on his palm before he shot those flames toward Mu Ru Yue’s head.

Mu Ru Yue hastily countered his flames when she felt the aura from behind her. Flames were shot toward Chu Kuang, forcing him to retreat a couple of steps once again…

The crowd who was anticipating a great show was stupefied.

They had an impression Chu Kuang would instantly kill Mu Ru Yue. Why was he being forced to retreat two steps instead in the end?

“You already qualify for me to draw my sword!” Icily arrogance filled Chu Kuang’s eyes as he looked down upon Mu Ru Yue…

Following that, his hand gradually reached his back gently landing on the handle of the broadsword…

“Drawing his sword? Is Chu Kuang planning to draw his sword?”

“It has to be known Chu Kuang never draws his sword during battles. He will only do so if it was people that have sufficient might that he recognizes! Can it be this woman’s might is already sufficient to be recognized by him?”

The crowd gasped as they looked at Mu Ru Yue in shock.

How much power this woman possessed to make Chu Kuang draw his sword?


Chu Kuang drew his broadsword. A tyrannical grandeur surged forth at that instant, oppressing toward Mu Ru Yue.

A gale was born. The man was tightly gripping onto the battle sword in his hand under the gale. It was as if that battle sword gave rise to the gale in his surroundings.

“Hur! Hur!”

Zhou Min chuckled lowly as she commented, “With Chu Kuang’s might, he can easily overwhelm her. But this woman is impressive, making Chu Kuang draw his sword! It’s a great pity she won’t be able to deal a move once Chu Kuang draws his sword…”

A gale was condensed within Chu Kuang’s hand. When the broadsword landed on the floor, the ground instantly split. Rocks were being tossed toward Mu Ru Yue.

The crowd felt pity when they saw that tyrannical attack.

She would surely lose this time…

The mighty storm landed on Mu Ru Yue’s chest as that instant. She was sent flying backward momentarily, crashing heavily to the ground.

When Zhou Min glanced at Mu Ru Yue who had collapsed on the ground, she smirked slightly and judged, “The victor for the first round of competition is settled. Then…”


Zhou Min frowned slightly from being interrupted. She swept a gaze at the woman who was getting up on her feet and asked, “How are you still able to stand?”

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