EAA Chapter 1227


Chapter 1227 – God King High Realm Part 10

Mu Ru Yue was momentarily sent flying backward. She crashed heavily onto the ground, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

Her face turned gravely pale; her lip’s complexion was void of rosiness…

The man leaning against the tree gradually straightened his body with his purple eyes fixated on the arena stage. If there was someone by his side, they would certainly notice the man’s tightly clenched fists…

“Yue Er!”


Qian Ye was alarmed and turned pale as she nervously looked at Mu Ru Yue.

Even though Mu Ru Yue could fight against opponent one realm above hers, Chu Wang was a God-king Peak realm practitioner that could instantly kill people at his cultivation. Hence, there was still a difference in might between Chu Wang and her.

It was already a feat for her to sustain in the battle until now…

“You lost.”

Chu Wang looked at the woman collapsed on the ground and remarked arrogantly, “But I am really impressed. You were able to battle against me for so long with your God-king Mid realm’s might. Nonetheless, your battle technique and stamina are sufficient. The only thing you’re lacking is power. The disparity between our might can’t be evened…”

‘That’s right… 

‘The only difference between Chu Wang and me is power…’

Mu Ru Yue clenched her fists tightly. She could only feel waves of pain now…

“This time the competition can finally be counted as over. The victor is…”

Zhou Min smilingly announced with elation in her eyes.

But a tyrannical power surged forth from the body of the woman that was lying on the ground before she could finish her announcement.

The power rose directly to the sky, scattering the clouds in the sky…

“God-king High realm?”

The crowd was stunned.

Had Mu Ru Yue broken through to the God-king High realm?

Zhou Min was shocked by the sudden unforeseen event. She only came back to her senses after a long time had passed, staring at Mu Ru Yue.

‘Why? Why has she broken through at the critical moment? Otherwise, she could have been eliminated from the competition!’

“Chu Kuang.”

Mu Ru Yue stood up and wiped away the remnants of blood from the corner of her lips. With a slight smirk, she said, “What you said previously was right that the only difference we have between each other is power. However, my power surpasses ordinary people. My power was similar to the might of a God-king High realm before breaking through. But now…”


Boundless flames surged forth from her back, covering her thin body like a waterfall.

There was a large sword placed horizontally before the flames, radiating with never-ending radiance…

A Sword That Pierces The Heavens!


The mighty power surged toward Chu Kuang under the crowd’s shocked gaze.

Chu Kuang still hadn’t gotten back to his senses at this moment. But it was already too late when he did. The tyrannical flames instantly blast on his chest.

Grey robes soared through the sky this instant, crashing heavily within the crowd.


Had the honorable Battle Blade Chu Kuang lost?

This outcome was hard for several people to digest. In the newcomers’ point of view, Chu Kung was akin to a god to them…

Nonetheless, Chu Kuang didn’t feel the slightest displeased regarding this outcome. He raised his head to look at the azure sky. A satisfied smile graced his cold and arrogant face.

Mu Ru Yue withdrew the Heavenly Dragon Flame Sword, gradually turning around to head toward Qian Ye and the rest.

But a voice was heard behind her at that moment, “Wait a minute.”


Mu Ru Yue turned around to look at Chu Kuang and asked, “Do you need something from me?”

Scorching glow radiated from Chu Kuang’s eyes as he asked, “Can I look you for battles from now on?”

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