EAA Chapter 1228


Chapter 1228- God King High Realm Part 11

Mu Ru Yue frowned when she heard his words. She turned around and refused, “I’m not interested so don’t come looking for me.”

She left without turning her head back once she tossed out those words.

But her rejection didn’t demoralize Chu Kuang. In his point of view, he had discovered a prey with such difficulty so how could he give it up so easily…

“Mu Ru Yue, you shall be my rival from now on. There will be a day where I defeat you!”


Mu Ru Yue almost stumbled.

But she understood that Chu Kuang wasn’t provoking her. He was just a person that loved battling…

“Yue Er, you’re in trouble.”

Li Sha stuck out her tongue as she asked, “Do you know why the first five top rankers on the ranking board in the academy aren’t in school?”

“What is the ranking board about?” Mu Ru Yue frowned as she swept a gaze at Li Sha.

Li Sha widened her eyes in astonishment as she explained, “Yue Er, you don’t even know what the ranking board is after joining the academy for such a long time? The ranking board is the ranking of all disciples within God Academy. Chu Kuang is ranked sixth so there are five more disciples before him. Those five people couldn’t stand Chu Kuang’s harassment that they chose to avoid him by heading out of the academy to gain experience…”

Li Sha pursed her lips after saying that as she continued, “Chu Kuang is a bonafide mad person! Once he found a person stronger than him, he will frequently harass the person to battle against him! Therefore, the disciples that were stronger than him in the academy were smart to shun away from him. Now, you had provoked him. He will most probably be going to disturb you…”

“H-he’s really a mad man.”

Mu Ru Yue rubbed her nose and smiled.

“Next, Qian Ye against Xiao Yu!”

Qian Ye was startled for a moment upon hearing that announcement. She sniggered and commented, “My guess was indeed right. Xiao Yu’s might is inferior to Yue Er’s. She surely doesn’t have the strength to fight against Yue Er. Thus, she… will certainly be my opponent!”

‘I have already waited for this day ages ago…’

She looked at Xiao Yu who was standing beside Zhou Min upon saying that.

Similarly, Xiao Yu had looked toward her…

“Qian Ye, be careful.”

Li Lian frowned and couldn’t resist warning her.

“I understand.”

Even though she said that, there was still a trace of pride was emitted from Qian Ye’s eyes as she looked coldly at Xiao Yu…

But Qian Ye felt a gaze staring at her at this moment.

Qian Ye frowned tightly as she swept a gaze through the crowd beneath the stage. Her eyes met with Qi Mo’s worried gaze. A slightly mixed feeling flickered past her heart.

‘Previously, when I loved him, he had ridiculed and reviled me. Yet, he persistently wants to be back with me now… 

‘As expected, this man is a rather shameless person!’

No matter what he was doing now, he had already greatly hurt Qian Ye. There was no longer a possibility for her to continue loving him…

“Qian Ye!”

Xiao Yu bit her lip hard. Her heart was filled with resentment and jealousy.

‘Elder Brother Qi Mo’s gaze should be mine. Who Qian Ye thinks she is to steal away the gaze that should solely belong to me?

‘I will make Elder Brother Qi Mo understand who is more compatible to be with him today…’

The two of them that were already widely known to have a bad relationship walked briskly toward the arena. Instantly, everyone had focused their gazes on them, quieting down momentarily… 

“Qian Ye.”

Xiao Yu smiled but her smile had lost her usual cool. She said with loathsome, “You can choose to concede! Otherwise, I may accidentally take your life!”

 “Just by yourself?” Qian Ye snorted coldly as she looked down at Xiao Yu with her chin held high. She continued, “I’ve already waited ages for today. Therefore, I definitely won’t lose to you…”

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