EAA Chapter 1229


Chapter 1229 – God King High Realm Part 12

The two of them were bickering with each other on the arena stage. Xiao Yu sneered. She seemed to be not regarding Qian Ye as her opponent.

‘No matter what, she is just a God-general High realm practitioner. How can she defeat me?’

“Qian Ye, you can make your move first so people won’t say I am bullying the weak.”

Xiao Yu swept a gaze at Qian Ye and said calmly.


“Since so…”

Qian Ye sneered. Her hands gripped tightly onto the sword in her hand.


Her body formed into a sharp wind, strucking toward Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu’s expression gradually stiffened as she looked at Qian Ye in shock. But Qian Ye had already reached before her before she came back to her senses…

Xiao Yu hastily drew her sword at that instant.


She was forced a couple of steps back…

“God-king Low realm!”

Xiao Yu’s expression became unpleasant and shrieked, “You were clearly only at the God-general High realm. Why have you broken through to the God-king Low realm?”

‘Damn it! I don’t have any advantage now!’


Zhou Min immediately stood up while clenching her fists tightly, staring at the two people on the arena stage. A sinister cold glint flashed past her eyes.

“God-king Low realm… She had reached the God-king Low realm. It will be impossible for Xiao Yu to kill her then unless Xiao Yu activates the secret technique. But the after effect of using that will that she will be bedridden for a year…”

Zhou Min saw Xiao Yu had lifted her head after thinking about that. A sinister sneer graced her face.

“Qian Ye, do you think you will be my match just by breaking through to the God-king Low realm? Haha! That’s too hilarious! You must die today!”

Waves of killing intent surged forth from Xiao Yu’s body as she sniggered.

Following that, she gradually closed her eyes and chanted something. Her grandeur rapidly increased from her body before Xiao Yu abruptly opened her eyes.

Qian Ye frowned. Just when she wanted to continue battling, she discovered she couldn’t move…

This discovery made Qian Ye stunned for a moment and asked subconsciously, “What did you do to me?”

“Hehe!” Xiao Yu chuckled lowly and said, “It is just a move to immobilize you. You will be crippled even if you somehow manage to survive my next move without any defense, despite being at the God-king Low Realm! Now, die!”

Instantly, Xiao Yu gathered all of her power before her forming into an intense gale before surging toward Qian Ye. Her power was stronger than before making the entire sky lose its luster…

“Qian Ye!”

Li Sha’s expression changed.

She could feel Xiao Yu’s killing intent behind that move. If Qian Ye received it, she would…

“The empire princess is going to lose her life.”

The crowd shook their heads and sighed upon seeing the current scene. In their point of view, Qian Ye had already died…


A glow spread out from Qian Ye’s body the instant the gale surged toward Qian Ye, blocking Xiao Yu’s attack. Qian Ye was unharmed…

‘I-is that the jade bracelet?”

Li Sha was stunned. 

‘How can I have forgotten that Mu Ru Yue had previously given us a jade bracelet that can enable us to block a God-king Low realm attack? No matter how much Xiao Yu’s power has increased, she was still at the God-king Low realm…

‘Hence, her attack can’t harm Qian Ye.’

“Why did it turn out like this?”

Xiao Yu’s complexion turned gravely pale and stumbled a couple of steps back.


She spat out a mouthful of blood. Her complexion turned increasingly paler.

 “Is it my turn now?”

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