EAA Chapter 1230


Chapter 1230 – God King High Realm Part 13

Qian Ye sneered and raised her chin as she strode arrogantly toward Xiao Yu.

Her grandeur spread out from her body as she advanced…

“Xiao Yu, you are delusional in trying to compete against me. Moreover, let me tell you this, you’re nothing compared to me! I’ve already given up on that man Qi Mo ever since he slapped me to protect you! But you still refuse to let me off the hook, constantly trying to harm and take my friends’ lives! Therefore, I shall settle the debts with you now!”

Xiao Yu took two steps back. She bit down on her lips, glaring at Qian Ye with all her might.


The aftereffect of using the secret technique had started to make her body void of strength. Her limbs were all numb…

“You can’t kill me nor do you dare to kill me! But I certainly won’t let you off. If given a chance, I will surely rip your body into tiny pieces, making you die without a complete body!”

Xiao Yu wasn’t afraid as she knew her master would save her while Qian Ye wouldn’t be able to go against Master’s order…

Qian Ye didn’t say further. She just raised the sword in her hand up high, looking down at Xiao Yu.

“I will let you see whether if I dare to kill you or not!”

‘There’s nothing that I, as the empire princess, don’t dare to do…’

When Qian Ye swung her sword toward Xiao Yu, Zhou Min’s expression changed greatly. She hastily yelled, “Stop!”

However, Qian Ye turned a deaf ear to her.

Zhou Min finally couldn’t just watch on. Her body moved in a flash toward Qian Ye.


A tyrannical force came from behind Qian Ye, strucking mercilessly on her back. Qian Ye was blasted off the arena stage before she could strike down her sword. She coughed out a mouthful of blood…

“Qian Ye!”

Yi Lian and the rest’s expression changed completely, hastily heading to Qian Ye’s side.

“Qian Ye, are you alright?”

“Cough! Cough!”

Qian Ye coughed dryly, coughing another mouthful of blood. She shook her head with a gravely pale complexion and replied, “I’m fine but…”

Instantly, rage surged in the crowd’s heart. Yi Lian suppressed her fury and raised her head to look at Zhou Min, standing on the arena stage.

“Elder Zhou Min, don’t you think you’re too much? You made a move on a contestant when the competition is ongoing. Don’t you think you’re too injustice?”

Everyone looked at Zhou Min in contempt at this instant.

They were obviously enraged by Zhou Min’s action.

The competition wouldn’t be over unless a side conceded! But Zhou Min, as the judge, meddled in the competition, harming a participant!

Zhou Min rebuked coldly, “Where it is possible to let people off, one should spare them! Yu Er has already lost so she didn’t need to continue and take her life…”


Yi Lian burst out laughing. Flames of fury blazed in her heart as she rebuked, “Has she lost? I didn’t seem to have heard her pleading for mercy. She even shouted she wanted to rip Qian Ye’s corpse into tiny fragments! Elder Zhou Min, is this your sense of justice? How can you be qualified to be a judge?”

She continued after a pause, “Moreover, why didn’t you stop Xiao Yu when she almost took Qian Ye’s life? Where it is possible to let people off, one should spare them? Hur! You should tell that to Xiao Yu instead. She had tried to harm and kill us countless times during the past year. This time, if it wasn’t for Qian Ye possessing the White Jade Bracelet, the one that dies would be her. Will you still stand up and say the phrase, ‘Where it is possible to let people off, one should spare them!’, to Xiao Yu?”

Yi Lian usually was elegant and calm. But she had spoken so many words this time. It could be seen how enraged she was…

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