EAA Chapter 1233


Chapter 1233 – Ye Wu Chen’s fury Part 1

‘Lord Dean?’

Zhou Min’s smile stiffened as she looked dazedly at Elder Rong who was standing before Lin Ruo Yu. She couldn’t help but ask, “Elder Rong, what did you just say?”

‘How could this villager-looking person be the legendary Lord Dean?’

“Elder Rong,” Lin Ruo Yu frowned slightly. With a glint that flickered past her eyes, she queried, “Is this the elder of God Academy? If it wasn’t for me to leave the back mountain, I probably still wouldn’t know the current state of God Academy…”


Elder Rong swept a gaze at Zhou Min who had already been scared witless when he heard her words. He frowned slightly with a sharp gaze.

“Elder Rong…”

Zhou Min looked at Elder Rong with a gravely pale complexion. She wanted to say something but swallowed her words before she voiced them out…


Elder Rong snorted coldly and said, “Lord Dean, don’t fret. I will certainly deal with this matter properly!”


It was like a clap of thunder at their ears. The crowd was stunned subconsciously…

If they had heard it wrong for the first time, how could they for the second?

Instantly, everyone gasped as though they couldn’t believe their ears…

“Did you say you wanted to chase me out of God Academy?”

Lin Ruo Yu smirked with a sneer. With a glacial gaze, she challenged, “I want to see how you can chase me out of the academy!”


Zhou Min retreated a couple of steps back, heavily sitting onto the ground. Remorse filled her current expression…

“Dean… She is the dean…”

Huang Yu hastily covered her lips, preventing herself from making a sound. But her body was quivering and her complexion turned gravely pale…

However, the one that got the most shock was Xiao Yu.

‘I’ve noticed Lin Ruo Yu wasn’t an ordinary village woman long ago. But I didn’t expect her to be dean of the academy…

‘Her status is far superior as compared to my Master’s.

Xiao Yu bit down on her lips. Resentment brimmed in her heart. Her tightly clenched fists trembled slightly…

“This round of competition shall be hosted by Lu Zhen! Somebody, drag Zhou Min and Xiao Yu down for me. As for what to do with these two people, they shall be dealt with by the elder council!”

Xiao Yu stumbled a few steps, almost falling to the ground. She knew she was doomed this time…

Lu Zhen was the judge for the following exams. But due to the commotion, everyone was in great shock. However, the newcomers’ exam still came to an end while they were in shock…

Yi Lian and Li Sha had naturally passed the exam, successfully advancing to the next year…

It was night.

The night was exceptionally quiet.

Currently, Zhou Min was anxiously pacing within a desolate courtyard within the academy. She knew once the discussion among the elders had ended, she would surely be killed.

But now, Elder Rong was watching over them. It would extremely difficult for them to escape…


Xiao Yu bit down gently on her lip. A layer of tears coated her eyes as she asked, “Will we die?”

Zhou Min’s heart shuddered when she heard the helplessness in her voice. She suppressed the trembles in her heart before she consoled with a smile, “Don’t worry, everything will be fine. Even though we had done all those matters, we will at most be punished a little. Elder Rong won’t kill us…”


When Xiao Yu turned her head to look at her, wanting to say something, she stopped her speech abruptly. The pupils in her eyes dilated as if she saw something horrifying…

“What’s wrong?”

Zhou Min frowned, not understanding Xiao Yu’s behaviour. When she followed Xiao Yu’s gaze, a purple figure was instantly reflected within her eyes under the night…

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