EAA Chapter 1234


Chapter 1234 – Ye Wu Chen’s fury Part 2

Purple robes fluttered slightly among the night breeze.

The man was like a night Asura. The Devil Snare’s pattern on his face made his appearance more intimidating under the moonlight…

“Wh-why have you appeared here?”

Xiao Yu was frightened, hastily hiding behind Zhou Min. She looked dreadfully at the man before her…


‘It’s unknown why the power radiating from this man is making me apprehensive…

The man walked in from outside. A hurricane gradually rose from the surroundings of his body, spreading throughout the room…

“Xiao Yu.”

Zhou Min patted Xiao Yu’s hand in consolement. She cast a cold gaze at Ye Wu Chen and said, “Why have you come here?”

The man smirked slightly.

With a sinister yet charming voice that carried a cold vibe, he replied, “I’ve come to kill you all.”

Zhou Min was stunned for a moment before she burst out laughing. “Do you think you’re my match? Brat, you’ve overestimated your might!”


Zhou Min soared to the air pressuring toward Ye Wu Chen after tossing out those words.

Ye Wu Chen gradually raised his head and looked sinister cold at Zhou Min that was rapidly heading toward him. His grandeur was abruptly released from his body, forming into a black hurricane before him…

“God Emperor?”

Zhou Min halted her steps as she widened her eyes in astonishment. “How are you a God Emperor? I remember you were only at the God-king Mid realm during the test. Why are you at the God Emperor realm?”

Ye Wu Chen chuckled.

That smile was worthy for heaven and earth to change their colour.

But the two before him didn’t in the slightest amazed by his smile. It only gave them a sinister, glacial cold feeling…

“It’s just a testing stone. If I don’t want others to know my actual might, then I won’t let anyone know!”

Zhou Min gasped.

‘This man had hidden his actual might!’

“Why have you done that?”

‘If it was other talents, they would want to let the whole world know of their achievement at his youthful age. But this man… he chose to hide his might instead!

‘Why on earth did he do that?’

Ye Wu Chen walked gradually, gradually pressuring toward Zhou Min. “I am wholeheartedly willing to hide all of my radiance when I’m by her side. Do you understand why now?”

Zhou Min’s heart shuddered at this moment.

His meaning was clear.

‘It is due to Mu Ru Yue that he is wholeheartedly willing to hide his radiance to make himself appear not as outstanding…’


Suddenly, Zhou Min laughed frantically as she mocked, “So what if you possess a God Emperor’s might? You similarly won’t be my match! Since you’re seeking death, this Elder shall grant you that wish!”


Zhou Min fully unleashed her grandeur, charging quickly toward Ye Wu Chen…

Yet, the man’s originally tyrannical grandeur intensified further just when she was about to reach Ye Wu Chen; his grandeur directly rose toward the sky…


Zhou Min retreated a couple of steps back, falling heavily on the ground. She raised her head to look at the man’s handsome and charming face, flabbergasted.

“What secret technique did you use? There definitely will be a side effect for using such a secret technique. Is it really worth it to use it to kill me?”

Zhou Min shrieked out in the end with a voice filled with boundless fear…

“In my point of view, it is worth it as long as it enables me to kill you…”

The man smirked, gradually raising his hand. A black sword appeared within his hand momentarily. With a sinister cold gaze, he swung his sword down toward Zhou Min…


Xiao Yu was so scared that her complexion turned gravely pale, shrieking out loud.

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