EAA Chapter 132


Chapter 132- Die Yi’s Sinister Plot Part 1

As she thought about it, Die Yi clenched her teeth. She didn’t know how she managed to muster her guts to raise her head to look at the divine looking man before her.

“Your subordinate guesses that master is doing this for the future mistress. It must be due to the mistress gaining the attention of the Saintess Sect. Once Master exposes his pretence of a fool and demonstrates his strength, it will definitely shift the attention of the Saintess Sect toward master instead of mistress. Mistress will be at peace for a moment then, but did master not think due to this, it would definitely ruin Ghost manor? Moreover, master just needs mistress to not be a virgin in order to stop that sect leader from paying attention to her. Why does master not do it the safer way and instead choose to use the most risky method?”

Currently, Ye Wu Chen’s expression was so dark that it could petrify others.

He walked slowly toward Die Yi. As he neared, a tyrannical power flowed out. Die Yi’s complexion paled instantly and she coughed out a mouthful of blood. She looked with shock at Ye Wu Chen.


At this moment, she actually felt as though her life wasn’t in her hands.

“Who allowed you to question Ben Wang’s decision?” Ye Wu Chen’s expression was as gloomy as the calm before a storm. Sinister rays of light flashed through his eyes as he waved his hand, using his power to viciously strike against Die Yi.


Blood instantly gushed out from the back of Die Yi’s head as she landed on a stone.


Ignoring Die Yi’s pale complexion, Ye Wu Chen said in a sinister and unfeeling tone, “If there is a next time, you can just directly enter the disciplinary hall.”

Ghost manor’s disciplinary hall was a place where one would certainly lose half a life upon leaving.

Die Yi’s fragile body shuddered. Was this man always so ruthless? He didn’t mind and care about the Ghost manor that he had so bitterly constructed, all because of a woman?

Actually, there was some hidden motive as to why Die Yi wanted Ye Wu Chen and Mu Ru Yue to have sexual intercourse.

She herself had been pursuing the Ghost King for a long time already. That man always wanted his body to be clean so he never had any relationship with any women. Perhaps he didn’t know the enjoyment of it due to not having experienced it. During her missions, she had met many men that were initially focused on cleanliness,  but would then become hooked to that taste after having sexual intercourse.

Thus, she thought that once master and mistress did it and he enjoyed it, she could perhaps take the opportunity to become master’s concubine.

On this continent, it was typical for a man to have 3 wives and 4 concubines. Her master’s identity was noble, so it was a guarantee that he would have a couple of concubines. No matter how much he loved the main mistress, he definitely wouldn’t have only her in his life.

Of course, Die Yi’s thoughts were great, but in Ye Wu Chen’s life, he would no longer be able to accept any other woman than Mu Ru Yue. It was enough for him to have just her in his life.

Gazing after Ye Wu Chen’s leaving figure, Die Yi climbed up from the ground. She tightly clenched her fist and whispered, “Master, I am sorry, but Die Yi will not be able to follow your command this time.”

It wasn’t just due to her own personal matters. She just couldn’t bear to watch her master destroy Ghost manor for a girl and even endanger himself.

She deeply loved master, so even if master didn’t know of it, she wanted to do something for him…

Mu residence

Just after Mu Ru Yue removed her outer clothes and headed for bed, a foreign aura suddenly appeared from outside the door. She hastily stood up from her bed. After a slight daze, she recovered and, with iciness in her eyes, shouted, “Who’s there!”

There wasn’t any reply.

The leaves outside her window rustled. It was so quiet that nothing could be heard, excluding the flow of the evening wind.

A black figure moved in a flash past the window. Mu Ru Yue’s heart sunk as she rushed out by breaking the window. Her gaze landed on a masked, black clothed woman.

“Who are you?”

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  1. well this will be the last time I’m gonna ask about issues accessing the chapters as I know you might get annoyed with me asking and asking again xD Well so are there any issue? Feel free to comment on issues even after this chapter. Miki will try to solve it ASAP. P.S it will make things easier for Miki if you briefly tell Miki what problem in accessing the chapter you’re facing as Miki isn’t a hacker to able to see what you see.

    1. Well everything went well for me. All I had to do was be patient. And refresh. On a computer it looked fine but on my mobile phone it did not go too well

    2. Chapters are about one printed page long. Something has to give: personal life of the translator, chapter length or frequency, e.g. releasing full length book chapters once a month.

  2. Miki.. You are so naughthy.. He..he.. Well who did not want such dish right?? BTW I had read a fanfic regarding this by one of EAA fan… The easiest way to lose the interest of saintess sect… If I am not mistaken it was the translator for Slime Prince…. Have you read it yet?

    1. But that would hurt mistress too much and would she forgive him after that? (I’m not talking about our mistress, our goddess, and empress, Miki-hime)

  3. Ugh– B*tch that doesn’t know her place. Obviously, because he loves Mu Ru Yue .
    What a stupid question just like the person who asked the question.
    I already started hating her since her very first appearance in the novel.
    Can’t help it. Female characters like her are so annoying.
    Makes me want to kill her myself for my own satisfaction.

    B*tch, I await your death.
    And i pray for you to die a thousand deaths.
    *cough* *cough* The harsher the better. *fingers crossed* *sticks tongue*

    1. In my opinion: it is still in the relatable section of criticism. It’s not like she said anything too vicious towards MRY or fawned extremly on Wu Chen.

      She is simply worried about her master acting to rash/bold because of a girl he got betrothed to by an edict not too long ago.
      Compare that to the years of grudge against the Saintess sect and how long they had to hide – still lacking power – and that all coming to waste because of an infatuation ?
      You don’t need to be a female or in love to grumble about that or earnestly try to save your master of his impending doom just cause his c*** is waggling for someone. (to say it crudely) ?

      Not saying that she doesn’t love him or is not one of those bitch-characters – only that she hasn’t done anything yet deserving of such a big title ?

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    ..し―J Will Wu Chen is loyal and not an awful lead because he won't force MC but I guess he is to fearless

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