EAA Chapter 133


Chapter 133 – Die Yi’s Sinister Plot Part 2

The black-clothed woman didn’t say anything and just coldly gazed at Mu Ru Yue. She suddenly waved her hand, emitting a green mist. Mu Ru Yue hastily covered her mouth and nose, but some of that substance still entered her body.

“Poison is useless against me.” Mu Ru Yue coldly smiled. As an alchemist, she had previously prepared some antidotes. But after she analyzed what poison that black clothed girl used, her expression slightly changed. “Lust Arousing Grass!”

Lust Arousing Grass was the name of an aphrodisiac drug. It was completely different from poison since poison could be cured with antidotes, but there was no antidote for Lust Arousing Grass….

The black clothed girl smiled coldly. She instantly turned around to leave and was about to take a step out of the courtyard when Mu Ru Yue finally got back to her senses and coldly ordered, “Yan Jin, capture that woman!”


She wanted to know who wanted to harm her!

Swish! A black figure dashed out from inside. The black clothed girl felt that the situation was against her and wanted to run away, but how could her strength be greater than Yan Jin’s? She was already captured by him before she could leave the Mu residence and was tossed roughly before Mu Ru Yue.

“Little girl, are you alright?” Yan Jin saw Mu Ru Yue’s slightly flushed face as he continued with worry on his face, “The Lust Arousing Grass’s medicinal potency is extremely strong. It is far more potent than other ordinary aphrodisiacs. You can only use a man to resolve the medicinal effect.”

Just when Yan Jin wanted to ask if she wished for him to bring Ye Wu Chen over, she replied, “I’m alright.”

Mu Ru Yue shook her head. She looked mesmerizing with her slightly flushed face. As her breathing hastened, she said, “I am heading back to my room to rest. Remember to not let anyone bother me.”

Yan Jin opened his mouth, but swallowed back his words. He looked coldly at the completely tied up black clothed girl and lifted his leg to kick her viciously.

“I don’t know who you are, but since you hurt that little girl, you will definitely regret doing what you did today!”

His eyes gave off a domineering ray of light and a trace of coldness was expressed on Yan Jin’s face… his killing intent undisguised. But right now, he needed to save Mu Ru Yue first before dealing with this girl later.

Die Yi sniggered coldly and gradually closed her eyes. She was actually thinking up ways on how to escape from this place. If her master were to know of her actions, she would definitely regret it profusely.

Yet, it was unthinkable for the future mistress to hide a man in her room.

She initially wanted to do something good for master. It seemed that it would be a little tricky now. With her current state, she wasn’t able to secretly report it to master. Yet, as long as she wasn’t a virgin, the sect leader wouldn’t fancy her and master wouldn’t need to risk himself.

She didn’t care who took her, but she definitely wouldn’t let master endanger himself.

Inside the room

Mu Ru Yue did her best to calm the agitation of her heart, but the heat from her body just wouldn’t cool down. The heat made her want to remove all of her clothing.

She might be able to not to lose consciousness until now, but this little girl was already reaching her limit.


Mu Ru Yue wanted to speak, but a moan came out instead. She hastily shut her mouth. After a long while, she clenched her teeth and say, “Leave!”

“But little girl…”

“Quickly scram!”

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  1. What a……. Loyal servant already wanting a child to be her master huh…….. DAMN you Ye Wu Chen!!

  2. Welp, she can say good-bye to that beautiful future of a concubine she imagined. Though she could still think about that future in the underworld after Wu Chen is through with her.
    Thanks for the teaser!

  3. And this is where shit goes down ?. I don’t really blame the servant for her jealousy bcuz it’s a women’s nature after all. It actually is a women’s self control and principle that determines how we act on out jelousy.But, I do find fault in her thinking for assuming the long time Master that she’s served would take up a concibine. If she truly understands his personality, then she won’t be having those thoughts. Unreciprocated feelings are the worst ??

        1. My bad~ I made a mistake in naming the chapter initially, but after I changed the title, the link didn’t automatically changed. I didn’t realized that, but It should be working now~

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  5. I doubt things will end here like that, judging from what the guy who took her into the secluded space said, she’s probably gonna have a lot more obstructions in the future… If I’m not wrong lel.

  6. Hello miki! Once again thank you for your work. I’ve been a solid follower since day one and really appreciate the intense amount of releases you’ve given on a consistent basis. Great job.

    Btw, if it’s not too much to ask. Before I fell in love with EAA here. I was fervently following another LN “Legend of the Dragon King” here and I know they’ve already moved to wuxia. Part 2 (a separate story) Douluo Dalu 2 was previously sponsored by but the translators have now dropped it due to time constraints and personal issues. If its possible, I hope you guys can pick up the series as they are offering it to any translator who would want to continue the project. It has a huge following and I’m sure a lot of people would like to see it come to fruition just like any other amazing LN.

    Thank you and I hope you consider this 🙂

    (_( ・ω<)_() ≡≡≡❤ ◎
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    ..し―J Wu Chen is being fearless and rash but atleast he didnt force himself to MC…

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