EAA Chapter 135


Chapter 135 – Ye Wu Chen’s Rage Part 2

He looked at the young girl’s flushed and exquisite appearance. A flame seemed to erupt within Ye Wu Chen’s throat. With a hoarse voice, he said, “Mu Er, unless you personally tell me that you want to marry me or is willing to pass yourself to me, I definitely won’t do anything to you.”

Even though he was barely reining in his self-control, he didn’t have any other choice but to not touch her. In the end, this was in order to keep her from having any regrets and from being unhappy.

“Wu Chen…” Mu Ru Yue raised her head slightly. When she looked at the handsome face before her, she wanted to get closer to him and lower her body’s temperature.

Ye Wu Chen lowered his head to kiss her lips as he gently and meticulously tasted his girl. As he did so, he placed his right hand on Mu Ru Yue’s back. His touch firm, he slowly sent an icy aura from his palm and into Mu Ru Yue’s body.


Under the night of the Mu residence, the black clothed girl that had all of her limbs tied up and was tossed on the ground expressed terror as she looked at the tightly shut door.

Master had come. Master actually arrived. She was doomed…

Nobody could be clearer than her about understanding her master’s actions. Because of her plan, even being disciplined in Ghost manor wouldn’t be able to appease her master’s fury.

Die Yi was so terrified that her delicate body began to shudder. She bit tightly on her lips. Her face paled slightly behind the black cloth on her face.

She just hoped that her master would let her die quickly in consideration for all that she had done for Ghost manor.

A night went by without sleep.

When the sun started to rise, Mu Ru Yue opened her eyes and instantly felt a pair of hands sticking tightly to her back. Thinking back to what happened yesterday, she was momentarily alarmed. She didn’t see who was hugging her and just punched out.

A groan was heard and a low voice was heard. “Mu Ru Yue, are you trying to kill your husband?”

“Wu Chen?” Mu Ru Yue was startled and looked curiously at the man’s handsome face. “Wu Chen, why are you here? I seem to remember that yesterday…”

Ye Wu Chen didn’t sleep the entire night. In addition to inserting energy into her body, his complexion wasn’t good and he looked both pale and feeble. After all, if it were an ordinary person that used up an entire night of energy consumption, they would have already collapsed.

“Yesterday, you were affected by the Lust Arousing Grass. Luckily, your husband felt that something was amiss. I came to check on you and found you in that condition.”

Mu Ru Yue hastily pulled at her clothes and looked at him. “Did you do anything to me?”

Seeing her expression, Ye Wu Chen couldn’t help but lift his lips into a charming smile. “My wife, it can’t be that you don’t remembering tossing yourself into my embrace last night? Since it was the first time my wife took the initiative, how could your husband reject your advances?”

“Ye Wu Chen!” Mu Ru Yue’s expression changed drastically. She could only vaguely remember what happened last night. It couldn’t be that she had really pushed this man over and gobbled him up?

“Do you really think that something would have happened with us wearing clothes?” Ye Wu Chen smiled as he suddenly felt that teasing this woman was great. “My attribute is a little special. Externally, it looks like the element of darkness, but there is coldness in dark powers so your husband used his strength to suppress the effects of the Lust Arousing Grass. That medicine was so potent, however, that I had to use the entire night to completely suppress it.”

“Wu Chen…”

Mu Ru Yue was a little touched. This man could have taken that opportunity to have her, but he didn’t do so. He had used a different method in order to help her instead.

“Wu Chen, you’re such a fool.”

She broke out into laughter as this fellow was still a fool in those kinds of matters.

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  1. Hmmm… I foresee that she will, in her current groggy state, reveal her true feeling to him. Maybe smile foolishly and say, “Silly. Don’t you know I decided long ago that you would be the only man I would have in this lifetime?” Or something sweet like that. Though she might be devoured afterwards. Thanks for the teaser.

        1. That poor guy… He must be feeling super justified in deciding not to pursue Mu Ru Yue now. Imagine what Ye Wu Chen would have done if he was a real rival in the same room as a lustful Mu Ru Yue. XD

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