EAA Chapter 136


Chapter 136- Ye Wu Chen’s Rage Part 3

“Your husband already mentioned this before; I am willing to be a fool by your side.” Ye Wu Chen held Mu Ru Yue tightly in his embrace, a gentle smile on his lips. With charming eyes that carried a coldness, he said, “My wife, isn’t it time for payback now?”

He would never be able to imagine what would have happened if he hadn’t come to check on her last night.

Ye Wu Chen couldn’t forget the blood stains that covered her body. She must had to inflict pain on herself in order to maintain her consciousness. How could his heart not ache for her?

A trace of killing intent flashed past Ye Wu Chen’s eyes when he thought about the girl that plotted against Mu Ru Yue. “Yun Han, bring that girl in!”


“Yes, Master.”

Once his words landed, Yun Han brought in a black clothed girl. At this moment, the cloth that covered the girl’s appearance fell, instantly revealing her face. Ye Wu Chen’s face darkened.

“Die Yi, it seems that you have disobeyed Ben Wang’s order once more.”

His voice carried a killing intent that made Die Yi’s body shudder.

“Master, Die Yi knows her mistake. She pleads master to give her a quick death.

Die Yi knelt and kowtowed roughly. Her forehead ashened instantly and blood flowed down from a corner of her forehead, staining half her face red.

“Quick? How can Ben Wang give you a fast death? The snakes in the snake den hadn’t been used for a long time. You should go there and be fed to the snakes.”

Ye Wu Chen looked gloomily at Die Yi. His divine face carried killing intent as he spoke those words without emotion, as though he were speaking about something minor.

“No!” Die Yi shrieked.

The snakes in that den wouldn’t swallow their prey in one go. Instead, they would slowly torture them to their limit before tearing their prey apart and sharing the prey among them. She was more willing to die under a sword than to go to that snake den.

“Master, your subordinate did this for you. You planned to expose your power to the Saintess Sect, to shift their focus to you instead of mistress. But it would surely harm you that way. As long as mistress isn’t a virgin, the sect leader of the Saintess Sect would lose interest in her. Master doesn’t want to use such a simple method, but wished to risk your life for the mistress instead. Your subordinate couldn’t bear for master to risk his life, so she was bold in deciding to do what she did. Please, master! Please give your subordinate a quick death. What she did was for master.”

Die Yi kowtowed roughly again, so she didn’t in the slightest see Ye Wu Chen’s increasingly dark face.

“Yun Han, take her away.” Ye Wu Chen looked sinisterly at Die Yi. There was no emotions on his handsome face, not to even mention pity.

“No! Master, please forgive Die Yi. Die Yi truly knows her mistake. Die Yi loves master so deeply. Why is master treating Die Yi in such a manner? Die Yi is wholeheartedly willing to serve master as a lowly servant forever and doesn’t want any identity. Die Yi pleads for master to forgive her.”

Die Yi jumped over with the hope of grabbing onto Ye Wu Chen’s sleeve, but she was kicked away by him before she could get close.

Ye Wu Chen shook the sleeve of his clothing and, with a trace of a snigger in his charming eyes, said, “Serving Ben Wang as a lowly servant? Do you even have that right? Ben Wang will only have one girl at his side in the past, present, and future. Even in Ben Wang’s next life, it would be the same case where nobody except her will have the right to stay by Ben Wang’s side.

“It seems that it’ll be insufficient for you to just be tossed into the snake den. Yun Han, first take her to the disciplinary hall for 100 days before tossing her into the snake den! You must remember that you definitely can’t let her die before tossing her into the snake den.”

Die Yi fell to the ground and just let Yun Han pull her away without putting up any resistance…

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  1. Miki you are the best 😀 The daily dose of this novel is something that I am starting to get addicted to xD Poor ninjagirl is gonna get punished. But maybe the Ghostking is so happy to be able to hug Miki the whole night that she is forgotten

    1. maybe he is going to have a dirty old man begger rape the ninjagirl… that is the only thing i can think of for him to truly unleash his rage on her.

    1. I have the same feeling! I bet she’s the one who the Ban Zhi (probably got that wrong) mentioned! Watch out MRY & YWC!!

  2. Ye Wu Chen be like: be it the past, present or future/be it in the next life

    This type of man is ?get married already hahaha well no rush actually just beware of the saintess guy

    Thank you for the chapp!!

  3. Thanks for the translation, this is a good series. I’m pretty disturbed by this horrific torture though, along with the frequency of ‘revenge’ rape in this and other novels like it. Do these child-villains (the Mu’s) really deserve to be humiliated and raped every day until they die a dog’s death before 18? I don’t know why but the cavalier way it’s presented in this story along with the absolute lack of punishment/ retribution for the perpetrators leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It makes me dislike the main ‘good’ characters that we’re supposed to root for. I’m only mentioning it because this is like the fourth series I’ve seen this in and it’s pretty annoying.

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