EAA Chapter 138

Chapter 138- Let’s Get Married Part 2

“Mu Er, you were the first one to not look down on me upon knowing my Ghost King identity.” Ye Wu Chen’s lips slowly curved upward as he looked with tenderness at the young girl in his embrace.

He still remembered the untarnished brilliance of her eyes when he first met her. There wasn’t the slightest trace of mockery or sarcasm. What’s more, she didn’t express pity and instead treated him like an ordinary person. He could still remember what she said at that time. She said that as long as he didn’t think he was a fool, he wouldn’t be one.

“Afterwards, it was perhaps due to my curiosity that I went to look up your history. Even though the Qing Yun Sect had a tight hold of your informations, how could Ghost manor’s power be unable to obtain it? At that time, your husband found out your innate talent test and your recruitment by the Chief Alchemist of the Qing Yun Sect. By then, I truly understood my wife.”

Perhaps it was due to those investigations that Ye Wu Chen’s gaze became increasingly gentle. He softly hugged the young girl in his arms and said, “If it were any other, then when they become the disciple of the Chief Alchemist of the Qing Yun Sect, most of them would want to show off their identity. Even if they didn’t, they would borrow that power for their own matters. You, on the other hand, wanted him to keep the status a secret and instead chose to claw your way up with your own strength.”

Even though she did make Elder Zhao take a trip to the palace, if it wasn’t for Ye Wu Chen being in the palace in the first place, then she might not have headed to the palace and expose her identity.

His girl didn’t like to depend on others, just like when she fought with Ling Ye. Clearly she could have just depended on his or Yan Jin’s ability to easily kill him, but she instead chose to use the most risky method. She chose to defeat him with her own abilities.

Yet, she wasn’t an obstinate person as she clearly understood her current abilities and limits. If she were to meet an enemy that was obviously much stronger than she was, then she would allow others to fight instead. For example, Ling Ye’s master and the experts from the Saintess Sect….

If she were determined to fight those strong experts, then it wouldn’t be bravery, but idiocy. As such, she knew what she was doing…

How could he not fall in love with such a girl?

“Wu Chen, if I were to tell you that I am only a lingering soul, will you still marry me?” Mu Ru Yue asked seriously as she focused her gaze on the man before her.

“I am only a soul from a different dimension. It is unknown how I possessed Mu Ru Yue’s body so technically, I am not a person. I might even head back to my original world someday. Do you still want me now?”

Ye Wu Chen curled his lips into a smile, instantly bringing forth that peerless appearance. This man was so handsome that with just a smile, he could easily captivate a person’s soul.

“Isn’t it your husband’s luck to discover you, such a unique existence?” Ye Wu Chen caressed her arm, then gently tightened his hold on her. “Silly girl, no matter if you’re a human, demon, monster, or even a ghost, it wouldn’t in the slightest change the fact that you’re my, Ye Wu Chen’s, wife. My wife that I would use my entire life to protect. If you’re really a lingering soul and the heavens want to take you away, then I would go against the heavens. Even if it’s the heavens, they still don’t have the right to force you to leave.”

As Ye Wu Chen said this, an eyebrow was raised. His domineering voice was different from his usual charm, as if it carried an excessively brazen aura.

So what if he went against the heavens? He didn’t mind taking down the heavens if it meant that she was able to stay with him…

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    1. There is a saying in my language I simply can´t get out of my head. “Man soll den Tag nicht vor dem Abend loben.” Literally translated it says “You should not praise the day before the evening.” So I won´t celebrate the marriage until their honeymoon is over.

  2. That’s exactly what that means Miki, in fact in general if you live in a world where superhumans are real you should definitely treat unknown people with a basic modicum of respect. Yes, 99% of the unknown people you meet will be normal and harmless, but 1% will be hidden dragons that can punch an entire country to pieces and you only need to fuck up once to end up killed by a wandering badass that you pissed off for no reason.

    I would even go so far as to suggest that if such things were real, human culture would end up developing towards rigid politeness thanks to natural selection; because all the people who weren’t innately polite to other people would inevitably end up pissing off someone more powerful than them and getting killed.

    1. I think there maybe such cases in the world, just that you don’t see it xD Like those big bosses and stuff haha~ meh~ I think it is courteous to treat everyone politely, unless they keep proving themselves to you that they don’t deserve it~

  3. “Miki: So does this mean~ no matter who you face, don’t underestimate them as they might be some bad ass that will come after your butt if you offend them?”

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  4. pretty sure wu chen is going after mu ru yue’s butt even though mu ru yue didn’t offend him, so i guess it doesn’t change that much except how they go for your butt, so don’t underestimate anyone and you might get a hubby/waifu or two

  5. awwww, I love Wu Chen and her together! They’re so sweet, which is nice compared to some novels. And look it didn’t take to chapter 800 something! thank you for the translation miki!

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