EAA Chapter 139


Chapter 139- Let’s Get Married Part 3

Mu Ru Yue’s heart rippled. This man was definitely still a fool. Perhaps it was fortunate for her to meet such a guy in this different world and gain his protection.

No matter what, Mu Ru Yue was still a girl and any girl would be moved by his actions. With his words, no matter what he’d previously done, it wasn’t possible to be unmoved.

“Mu Er, let’s pick a day to get married.” Ye Wu Chen gently held Mu Ru Yue’s hand. With a charming smile, his tone became stronger and filled with an intense possessiveness. “Since you promised to marry me, you will no longer have the right to abandon me. You will be solely mine in this life. Even if there are other guys that appear by your side, I don’t mind making them unable to carry out their daily life themselves.”

Ye Wu Chen couldn’t bear to hurt Mu Ru Yue, even if there were men that appeared near her side. Those men would just have to withstand his wrath. How could anyone else fancy his Ghost King’s woman?


“At my side, excluding you, there is only Yan Jin. But that fellow isn’t a man, but just a little beast. It can’t be that you’re jealous about a tiny beast, right?” Mu Ru Yue glanced at Ye Wu Chen and couldn’t help but to chuckled. This guy was truly a vinegar jar…

“If I didn’t remember wrongly, there was Feng Jing Tian who had fancied you, and also, didn’t the president of the Pill Assembly want to give you his grandson? Moreover, if I didn’t come in time yesterday, then that little beast would have done some errant matters to you.” Ye Wu Chen narrowed his eyes and suddenly gave a charming smile. “My wife, don’t you think your husband should be jealous with all that?”

Mu Ru Yue rolled her eyes at Ye Wu Chen. “Feng Jing Tian was hurt by you so much that he wouldn’t be able to get out of bed for half a year. Qing Yu is completely innocent. I’m not familiar with him and just spoke some words to him. Everything else was just his grandfather’s plot. As for Yan Jin, he just treats me as his family and doesn’t have any romantic intent toward me.”

But what happened yesterday had indeed occurred. If it wasn’t for Ye Wu Chen coming in time, then the outcome couldn’t be imaginable. Mu Ru Yue felt a little sheepish when she said the last line.

“I will teach him a lesson later as a reminder for him to mind his own business. Even if it’s unbearable, I would have endured it.”

“Endure? You endured it like how you hurt yourself yesterday?”

After seeing her injured, he was more willing for those injuries to be on him instead. Yet, this woman just didn’t know how to take good care of herself.

Suddenly, Ye Wu Chen raised his hand and pressed Mu Ru Yue onto the bed. With a ripping sound, he had tore apart her pants to expose that deep cut.

“Wu Chen, what are you doing? You…”

Just as Mu Ru Yue wanted to say something, Ye Wu Chen raised his hand and used his chilly fingers to softly caress that cut. A trace of pain was expressed on his handsome, charming face.

“Mu Er, don’t get hurt anymore.”

Mu Ru Yue’s body shuddered slightly, but she didn’t say a word. If it wasn’t for it being unavoidable, she wouldn’t have done that to herself. After all, her consciousness had already become hazy at that time.

Moreover, as a martial practitioner she would often get into battles. How could she ensure that she wouldn’t get hurt?”

“Wu Chen, I will do my best to not harm myself unnecessarily.”

“You should become stronger then. If you have sufficient strength, I won’t need to worry.” Ye Wu Chen lifted his gaze to focus on Mu Ru Yue. With a charming and languid smile, he said word by word, “I will wait for you to become stronger. Following that, you and I will reach the pinnacle of the world, standing side by side…”

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  1. It happened!! This is the first novel I read that someone actually told someone else that they transmigrated to this new word!!

    Also…. wu Chen…. possessive much? Lol but that is good! I wanna see a jelly and pouting wu Chen!!

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  3. first comment ive made on any novel(read lots) just want to tell tou how much I appreciate both your humor and the (very rare possibly unique?) crazy speed at which you somehow translate

    1. I’m so honoured~ Thanks for licking *cough cough* liking Miki~ hehe~ Nah~ it’s not really crazy haha I’ve seen people that are crazy like really crazy haha~

  4. I’m confused as to why Wu Chen called her Mu Er? Isn’t term of endearment usually use the person last name + er, in this case Yue Er?

  5. It is really a relieve that die yi is not the girl that will destory their relationship. But, letting her life to be torture worry me. What if she comes back? I just hope that Die Yi will not be stupid and keep her feelings like now (dont have any hope to kill Mu ru yue)

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