EAA Chapter 142


Chapter 142- Mu Yi Xue’s Miserable Outcome Part 1

“Mu Ru Yue, what status do you have to make the Ghost King prepare tea for you? Don’t you have any consideration of your own weight? As a girl, you should serve men. How can a man service you instead? Who do you think you are? Such a person as yourself shouldn’t even have the right to become the Main Wife of the Ghost King.”

Mu Qing’s body shuddered in fright before glaring viciously at Mu Yi Xue.

His daughter was usually obedient. Why does she always say such impudent words whenever she sees Mu Ru Yue? The Ghost King was clearly willing to treat her as his queen. Wouldn’t Xue Er anger him this way? If the Ghost King was angered, then his plans would definitely go down the drain.

Ye Wu Chen shifted his gaze to look at the angered Mu Yi Xue, then his lips suddenly curled up into a charming smile.


Mu Yi Xue’s adorable face flushed slightly as her heartbeat quickened from that smile. She looked shyly at Ye Wu Chen, who was walking toward her. “Your highness, I…”


Her following words were cut off by a kick, and her body flew like a kite that had its strings broken. She violently struck against a tree.

The intense pain and humiliation Mu Yi Xue felt made her eyes turn red as she looked with grievance at the charming man.

“Wu Chen, wipe your feet. Don’t dirty it.” Mu Ru Yue stood up with a smile and delivered a handkerchief before Ye Wu Chen. “Right, you can just toss it away after using it. You don’t need to return it to me.”

“It’s a pity as it is made from good fabric.”

Ye Wu Chen sighed with sorrow expressed on his face. It felt as though it was a humiliation for the handkerchief to be used to wipe the feet that kicked Mu Yi Xue.

Mu Yi Xue was so angry that her face turned bright red. When had she been humiliated to such an extent since young? Everything that occurred was due to that damnable slut, Mu Ru Yue.

Mu Ru Yue! I, Mu Yi Xue, swear that I will definitely not let you off scot free!

Ye Wu Chen smiled and with a domineering aura in his charming eyes, he glanced slightly at Mu Yi Xue, who had a gaze full of jealousy. He then smiled sinisterly and said, “She is Ben Wang’s Main Wife. Don’t even mention making tea for her. Even if I am to be her servant, it is Ben Wang’s matter!”

Mu Yi Xue’s delicate body shuddered. Why did Ye Wu Chen, such an outstanding man, get snatched away by Mu Ru Yue? She wasn’t satisfied. She truly couldn’t stand it!

“Your Highness, please appease your anger.” Mu Qing hastily knelt and cast a warning gaze toward Mu Yi Xue before continuing, “The purpose for why I came here was first, to see my daughter. Second, it is to wish that I can send Xue Er to Yue Er in order to keep her company. She won’t request for any status. If Your Highness wants her, Xue Er is also willing to serve His Highness and help share Yue Er’s burden.”

Mu Qing said everything clearly. ‘I am here to send my daughter to you since you are a royal and such an outstanding person, it was normal for you to have more than one wife and many concubines.’ On this continent, it was rare to find a case where a man would only have a single wife.

No matter how much the Ghost King loved Mu Ru Yue, he would definitely wed two more wives and then a couple of concubines. Mu Qing must get that Second Wife’s position.

Ye Wu Chen’s face darkened and killing intent began to emit from his body. “Mu Er, your husband has already told you not to see these Mu family scum. Yet, you insist on wanting to see how shameless they are. Have you seen it now? Such a shameless person isn’t compatible to be your father!”

Mu Qing shuddered slightly as he looked with alarm at Ye Wu Chen.

After feeling the aura emitted by Ye Wu Chen, Mu Qing’s heart tightened to the point where he could even feel his breath slowly leaving his body. There was so much pressure that he could barely withstand it.

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  1. Screw that Mu girl who the heck does she think she is! In fact she pisses me so much that I can’t even be bothered to remember her name. I’m so glad that Mu Ru Yue isn’t related to them.

  2. “If the Ghost King was angered, then his plans would definitely go down the drain”

    Your plan was already in the drains, even before you walked in, they just wanted to see how thick that face of yours was (in my opinion it is thicker than a brick wall) & they were probably bored (lol), needed someone to toy with – he willingly walked into it :p

    Tsk, tsk, tsk…that family is just asking to get bullied, always going to look for trouble, making like harder for themselves. I guess there brain is made out of bricks too, maybe thats were he gets the material for his face.

    (_( ・ω<)_() ≡≡≡❤ ◎
     / つノ
    ..し―J Hehehe Wu Chen is so sweet lol these couple are cute…
    The stupid girl deserve that kick

  4. MRX is a worthless spoilt 2nd rank when compared to MRY who is a 5th rank elder of that alchemy sect thing and has a grandmaster alchemist as her master

  5. I wish he wouldn’t call her MU Er… since the Mu family is so crappy, why doesn’t he call her Yue Er, or Ru Yue. It’s been bugging me because she doesn’t deserve to be called with that crappy name 🙁

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