EAA Chapter 143


Chapter 143- The Miserable Outcome of Mu Yi Xue Part 2

“You want her to serve Ben Wang?” Ye Wu Chen smiled. His charming smile reflected a chilling coldness. His purple clothes fluttered in the spring wind. The vicious aura surrounding him could make others subconsciously become terrified.

This man was an existence that shouldn’t be trifled with.

Ben Wang doesn’t need to have many partners. It will be enough just to have her in my life. If Ben Wang did anything that will let her down, then I am willing to end my legacy. After dying, I will enter hell and will never be able to reincarnate!”

As the proverb said, ‘The day has eyes, the night has ears’. In this world, the people believed in gods, spirits, and promises. Ye Wu Chen swore such a heavy oath, so how could it not be shocking?


Mu Ru Yue looked at her man and was really moved. He too would also be the only one she would acknowledge in her life…

“Mu Ru Yue, you will allow him to do that?!” Mu Yi Xue’s expression changed drastically as she screamed at her.

If the Ghost King didn’t take another wife or concubine, then wouldn’t she have no chance? What should she do with her heart then?

The laughable thing was that Mu Yi Xue had forgotten that she wasn’t a virgin and had lost the right long ago.

“Why can’t I?” Mu Ru Yue raised her brows and coldly sniggered. “My man will only have me in his life. Otherwise, I won’t agree to marry him.”

“You… Mu Ru Yue, you wretched woman!”

Mu Yi Xue nearly became mad. Why did that woman say such a thing as though it were the norm? Wasn’t she afraid of being scolded by the world?

Even though this continent respected experts, the position of women was clearly lower than the men. No matter how powerful the girls were, they would still try and help their husband take in concubines.

There had been a powerful couple in the Kingdom of Zi Yue many years ago. That couple was very powerful and loved each other deeply. But even if that were the case, that man still wedded with two other concubines.

The only exception to any of this were the parents of the Ghost King; King Nan An and his wife.

But at that time, King Nan An only had the Ghost King as his son. His wife had also suggested getting another concubine for him, but she was rejected by King Nan An. From this incident, however, it could be seen that she never wanted to be the only one to enjoy her husband’s love.

How could this girl say such thing as though it were normal then?

She actually said that if the Ghost King wouldn’t only have her, then she wouldn’t marry the Ghost King? Could it be that she really wasn’t afraid of being drowned in criticism?

“Hubby, do you think I am a wretched woman?” Mu Ru Yue raised her brows as she shifted her gaze to Ye Wu Chen before saying that in a falsely serious tone.

When Ye Wu Chen heard the word ‘hubby’, it pierced right into his heart. His expression instantly became soft as he looked gently at Mu Ru Yue, who displayed a grieved face.

“Wretched woman? How can Ben Wang’s wife be a wretched woman? It just means that my wife, you, cares about her husband. As your husband, I cannot wait to be elated. If someone wants to separate us by being in the middle,…”

Ye Wu Chen’s expression darkened. With a sinister smile, he continued, “… then Ben Wang doesn’t mind feeding them to his snakes!”

Mu Ru Yue shrugged. She looked smilingly at the ashened Mu Yi Xue. With helplessness in her expression, she said, “Everything is good about my husband, but there is still one negative point. He really likes his pets. Oh~ That’s right, his pets are a couple of pythons. If you want to share the burden, then become food for those pythons. I’m sure they would definitely welcome you.”

Mu Yi Xue’s delicate body shuddered. Her face was deathly pale as she shrieked, “No! I don’t want to. I don’t want to be fed to the pythons! Mu Ru Yue, you’re so malicious and will definitely suffer from retributions!”

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    1. Can’t imagine him being unfaithful. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point they have a domestic and temporarily separate and meet up again later to make up.

      Hubby: How was your week?
      Wifey: I massacred the heavens. You?
      Hubby: Oh, I just straightened out everyone down there in hell. They’re all my minions now.

  1. Th..Thank you for the chapter uhm if you don’t mind me asking is it hard to translate and edit? is that the whole process? do you only translate story’s you like? oohh I’m sorry i may have asked too many questions haha

    1. It is not too hard to translate. Some chinese terms and proverbs are rather hard to translate though. It is like I know the meaning, but how to put it into english. I have editors to help me edit and then translation checkers to final check my work. Yup~ I only translate stories that I like. If not, I won’t have motivation to do it.

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