EAA Chapter 144


Chapter 144-The Miserable Outcome of Mu Yi Xue Part 3

“Retribution?” Mu Ru Yue coldly chuckled. She continued with a mocking smile, “Have you heard of this saying? Wrecking other’s marriage is a great sin. Who do you think the retribution will land on first?”

Mu Yi Xue glared fiercely at Mu Ru Yue as she quibbled, “I only want to serve His Highness and become his second wife. I never thought of ruining your marriage.”

Seeing Mu Yi Xue’s appearance that was similar to a stupid pig that wasn’t afraid of being boiled, Mu Ru Yue felt a little helpless. This girl had been spoiled rotten by Mu Qing since young so whatever her actions, she couldn’t be bothered about the consequences. Ye Wu Chen had obviously indicated that he didn’t want any second wife, but she actually still brought that topic up.

“Xue Er!” Mu Qing’s expression changed drastically as he hastily explained, “Your Highness, please forgive Xue Er on behalf of her ignorance due to her being young.”


“Ignorance due to being young?” Ye Wu Chen glanced sinisterly at him. There was a layer of haze covering his handsome face. “Mu Yi Xue is only two years younger than Mu Er and is still ignorant due to her age? Since she wants to become a concubine so badly, Ben Wang will make the decision for her. She is to wed the kingdom’s protector general’s deputy, Wang Bo, as his concubine.”

“No!” Mu Yi Xue shrieked. She, the bonafide young mistress of the Mu family, was to become a concubine to a deputy general? Moreover, according to the rumours Wang Bo had been disfigured since young. Not only did he look ugly, but he was also a muscle brain that wouldn’t understand how to treat girls with care.

Wouldn’t this be forcing her to die if she were to become his concubine?

Hehe! Your Highness, don’t worry. Wang Bo is my father’s subordinate. I will complete this task to perfection.” A trace of pity was expressed from Li Lu’s eyes as he looked at Mu Yi Xue.

Wang Bo had two concubines. There were rumours that stated they had been tortured by him to death while doing bed matters. Who knew if this young mistress of the Mu family could survive half a year….

“Da, Daddy, save me! Quickly save me! I don’t want to wed a freak. I don’t want to!”

“Your Highness, this…”

Mu Qing wanted to beg for mercy, but before he could speak a pressure came crashing down on him, silencing him. He could only watch on as Mu Yi Xue was dragged away by Li Lu.

Furthermore, Mu Yi Xue’s outcome was definitely much worse than those concubines that had been tortured to death.

Before entering the manor, her cultivation had been scrapped by a black clothed man, thus she became a trash. During their wedding night, Wang Bo discovered that she was no longer a virgin, so he left the scene in fury. Henceforth, whenever he was displeased with something, he would viciously torture her. Mu Yi Xue now had an appearance that was neither that of a human’s nor a ghost within just half a month.

Mu family members weren’t allowed to visit Mu Yi Xue under the order of the Ghost King, so it was useless for Mu Yi Xue to call upon the heavens and earth for help. She could only withstand Wang Bo’s inhuman torture.

In comparison to Mu Yi Xue’s misery, Mu Ru Yue entered closed door training after they left. Finally, she broke through to become a Sixth Stage Martial practitioner after a month. Even though there still wasn’t any breakthrough in her alchemy, she did become much more familiar with it. As of today, she could manufacture one hundred Earth Stage Mid Rank Pills in one go.

This could be counted as a remarkable improvement.

During Mu Ru Yue’s training period, the imperial power had already been completely dealt with. The Emperor of Zi Yue was abolished under the order of Elder Zhao, and the throne landed upon the sickly Ninth Prince, Ye Luo Ya. But this didn’t have any relation with Mu Ru Yue. Currently, she was focused on improving her power as rapidly as possible so that she would be able to walk alongside that man…

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    1. But…but danger =challenge. Challenge =fun. Hmm~ there’s one negative point about Ye Wu Chen though. I don’t really like possessive guys. I love freedom to hang out with people I like, regardless of sex. Not like I’ll cheat, but I like having fun with people I like <3 What a dilemma~

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  2. @Miki A certain Bunny would be the perfect per for you. He can feed himself and cook for his owner. All this Bunny needs is being pet and a bit of attention from time to time. But he would be a bit jealous if all his master talks about is Ye Wu. 😉
    I had to re-read the hubby in the last chapter a few time to make sure I am not seeing wrong things xD

  3. Why is no one bringing up the point of how mu yi xue lost her virginity to a servant? Then this “discussion” will end and she will lose face. Hahaha!

    1. mmhm~ XD I also didn’t remember this novel getting this dark haha~ I forgot most of the dark parts and only remember the good…. Well if all are good parts, it won’t be too fun and have less roller coaster feeling~

  4. Not sure why the writers of reincarnation stories feel that torturous rape is an appropriate response to scheming against a main character or liking a guy they like.

    1. I agree, it seems to be disturbingly common. These types of situations really bring the enjoyment level down a few notches.

  5. No one else find this disturbing? Not only are kids legal, apparently they should be punished by rape, torture, and slow sadistic sexecutions for the pettiest things. Sure they’re annoying, but really? There are laws protecting even serial killers from this shit. And YWC is such a prize, all I can see him is some maniac yandere, no mercy even for those loyal to him. It’s HIS fault he didn’t train his subordinate right (that girl who gave MRY aphrodisiac, and brought YWC+MRY together in effect), he DID make stupid decisions, and he can’t explain worth shit in a typical ‘I’m a cool Chinese guy, I don’t talk to anyone below me even family members or my supposedly loved one’ (but it will just be resolved in the typical ‘MC will be OP or lucky and win because there’s no way she can’t even though there’s no reason she should’ drivel).

    This is basically the female version of the “author is a teen on a wankfest”, except its badly disturbing instead of just disturbingly bad. The story is written well, it’s the ideas its perpetrating that are bad.

    There’s been hints of this since the start, but when it’s the MC doing it?… Yeah wish they (YWC+MRY) get killed off by some side characters for the good of humanity. I love stories with villain protagonists, but this is just hypocritical bs.

    1. Yeah, the story can do without the rape, torture etc. The villain are so stupid, it’s hard to read at times. Also, it’s annoying how much the readers that leave comments would suck up to Miki to get more chapters and how Miki acts all cute to get more attention. I’m trying to ignore it but it’s so obvious and ‘in your face’ that it’s hard to ignore now. This is just my own opinion about the story and the translator. I’m sure everyone else thinks differently.

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    I also didn’t like the fact mc sent that girl servant of ghost king to be slowly eaten by snakes! WTF! All she did was try to protect her master and use aphrodisiac to stop her master from doing something stupid. It’s just mc’s virginity ffs is it more important than a persons life?! She never intent to harm mc and was only too loyal to her master. Yet they sent her to be slowly eaten by fking snakes! I was expecting mc to be the big man and stop her husband from killing her and just give her some light punishment but nope. She had to be a total bitch! They even gave her more punishment before sending her to be eaten by snakes!!! Seriously FK MC… She is as evil as her tormentors. No, even more so! Atleast her tormentors don’t send people to be slowly eaten by fking snakes and to be raped/tortured/disfigured by muscleheads! MC and her husband is actually the worst evil in this novel period!

    1. Yup all of those events you mentioned really stood out to me as excessively disturbing. I don’t mind dark stories, but stuff like this is just too much. I think the ML is relatively more evil than the main character, since he’s the one that actually orders all of this disgusting rape/torturer bs. But on the other hand, the MC just sit back and watches all of this go on. I don’t really like either of them.

  8. I agree with the other comments that this story has gone too far with all this. She’s 13 ffs and is raped and tortured for being jealous and hating her sister. Sure she did try to have her killed but this is much worse that death.

  9. Doesn’t being the crown prince mean your next in line for the throne? So why is it the sickly 9th prince? Is it so that the main couple can take it later on?

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