EAA Chapter 147


Chapter 147 – Adoring The Ghost King’s Woman Part 1

“Elder Yue, you came?”

When an elder of the Pill Pavilion saw Mu Ru Yue’s appearance, his eyes instantly brightened as he hastily stood up. The president had previously passed down an order; whenever they saw this young girl, they had to treat her with the highest etiquette.

“Gather all of the medicinal ingredients from this paper for me, then send them to either Ghost King Manor or the Mu residence. Remember, it is the Mu residence and not Mu manor.”

Mu Ru Yue passed a slip of paper to him. “Lastly, just call me Lady Mu.”


“Understood, Lady Mu.”

When the elder took a look at the ingredient list, a trace of astonishment flashed past his eyes. If he didn’t guess wrongly, the pill grade manufactured from these ingredients would be above the Earth Stage Mid Rank.

According to the president, this young girl’s ability was at the Earth Stage Mid Rank. Could it be that she was now going to attempt to manufacture an even higher grade pill?

Mu Ru Yue didn’t say anything further. She just turned and left after tossing out those orders…

Morning sunlight shone down from the sky and onto a young girl’s body. Just as Mu Ru Yue raised her head, she saw a handsomely dressed man in embroidered clothes walking toward her.

The man’s appearance was like jade, cultured and refined. He was extraordinarily handsome and also possessed peach blossom eyes that frequently released electric sparks. The foldable fan held in his hand was gently waved. Perhaps it was due to him being unable to imagine Mu Ru Yue appearing here that he was stunned for a moment.

“Lady Mu, it has been a long while since we met.” The man curled his lips slightly upward. His peach blossom eyes landed on the young girl. It really had been a long time since they’d seen each other. This young girl’s appearance had become increasingly outstanding.

“My apologies, but it won’t do us any good to meet each other.” Mu Ru Yue gazed coldly at the man with the jade-like appearance. Her voice was ice-cold, lacking any trace of warmth.

Ye Yi Hua’s peach blossom eyes contracted slightly before he smiled. He walked gradually to her side before halting his steps. “If I knew you weren’t a trash, then I would have previously beseeched my Royal father to pass down a decree in the throne room to marry you.”

Mu Ru Yue sneered, her expression containing traces of a chilling air.

“I still hold to my previous statement. I don’t have any interest in stud horses like yourself.”

Ye Yi Hua wasn’t enraged by her but instead expressed a faintly smiling intent with his peach blossom eyes. “Previously, the Ghost King was a fool and had such a terrible reputation that no one was willing to marry him. Currently, his facade of a fool has fallen. Do you think you can still be as peaceful and serene as before? Even though he didn’t have any woman in the past, it doesn’t mean he won’t have any in the future.”

Mu Ru Yue’s gaze became increasingly ice-cold. With a terrifying gaze, she looked at this jade-like appearance man and replied, “I trust him.”

How much trust was contained in that statement?

She acknowledged that toward that man, she was willing to entrust all of her trust to him.

Ye Yi Hua narrowed his peach blossom gaze slightly as he smiled, saying, “Mu Ru Yue, why didn’t Ben Wang not notice your excellence before? Otherwise, no matter what, I wouldn’t have pushed you toward the Ghost King. It seems that in this place, the Ghost King wasn’t the only one hiding the deepest. You, Mu Ru Yue, also were. The previous you had been rumoured as a trash; who knew that you would possess such strength now? Not only do you have peerless innate talent, you were also able to enter the eyes of Grandmaster Wu Yu of the Qing Yun Sect. Furthermore, how many more secrets do you possess?”

The girl was like a puzzle that made people want to uncontrollably solve it. Yet, no matter how much one tried, it would only become deeper to the point where one would be entrapped in it…

“No matter how many secrets I possess, it has nothing to do with you.”

Her voice was cold and unfeeling, causing Ye Yi Hua’s smile to slightly retract.

“Do you really hate Ben Wang to such an extent?”

He remembered seeing the smile she displayed when she looked at Ye Wu Chen. It was extraordinary with its unprecedented beauty… But when she was before him, her gaze was always so cold. She was also extremely stingy in not giving him a single smile.

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