EAA Chapter 148


Chapter 148 – Adoring The Ghost King’s Woman Part 2

Mu Ru Yue smiled, but that smile didn’t contain a shred of warmth. It was just cold to the point where it would give people the chills.

“Since you know I dislike you, then stop coming by to harass me. You’re incomparable to Ye Wu Chen and can’t be matched to a single hair of his.”

At that moment, Ye Yi Hua became silent. No one knew what he was thinking. Mu Ru Yue didn’t want to continue interacting with the man before her, so she turned to leave.

Just as she wanted to walk away, the man’s pleasant voice was heard from behind her. “Mu Ru Yue, you should know that the Xiao family has come to our Kingdom of Zi Yue as a guest. Since they are a guest from the Xiao family, they will need the highest status noble of the Kingdom of Zi Yue to entertain them. In the Kingdom of Zi Yue, excluding the Ghost King and you, the highest status noble would be Ye Tian Feng, a disciple to Grandmaster Tian Yuan. Since His Majesty knows that the two of you don’t like to be disturbed, he let Ye Tian Feng entertain those guests from the Xiao family.”


Mu Ru Yue stopped her steps, but didn’t turn her body or head around to face Ye Yi Hua. She just wanted to listen to what Ye Yi Hua had to say.

“When the Xiao family member went to Jing King manor, they met Mu Ting Er…” Ye Yi Hua paused for a moment before continuing, “Mu Ting Er talked a lot of good things about the Ghost King toward the young mistress of the Xiao family. In addition to the rumours circulating the world, it made the young mistress of the Xiao family interested in the Ghost King. What I wanted to tell you is that the Xiao family is extremely strong. If the young mistress of the Xiao family were to fancy Ye Wu Chen, do you think you two can still be together, alone?”

Mu Ru Yue chuckled, resolution displayed on her exquisite face. “No matter who it is, I still believe in Wu Chen. I believe that in this life… he won’t let me down.”

I will always believe in his oath…

Seeing the retreating figure of the young girl, Ye Yi Hua nearly went nuts. How could she still say such collected words after hearing about the Xiao family?

That Xiao Family young mistress was arrogant and despotic. She wouldn’t let anyone snatch away something she fancied.

Why could she still say she trusted him?

Suddenly, Ye Yi Hua was a little jealous of Ye Wu Chen. He was jealous of his sight that could discover such a beautiful pearl…

‘If… If I didn’t go to brothels and didn’t take in concubines, would I have had a chance in getting her?’ He, however, knew that he definitely couldn’t stick to having only a single girl in his life… so the Ghost King would always have this advantage over him. Thus, it was destined that he wouldn’t be able to be with her.

Inside Jing King manor, Mu Ting Er sat in a pavilion. She was lost in thought as she propped her cheek up with her hands, a faint smile on her face. Her body was obviously very feeble and her face had already shrunk to the size of a palm. It was obvious that her days in Jing manor weren’t ideal.

Yet, in comparison to her physical torture, what had made her heart break was Ye Tian Feng’s coldness. Even to this moment, she still couldn’t believe that Ye Tian Feng, who had previously promised to love her for her entire life, would treat her in such a manner…

What had she done wrong that he treated her in such a way?

When she saw him loving another person everyday and heard the torturous sounds they made, only the heavens would know how agonizing it was for her. How could anyone not be heartbroken when their beloved did bed matters with others?

Currently, she just needed to close her eyes and such scenes would appear in her mind…

Mu Ting Er laughed. She revealed an extremely resentful smile. As she laughed, tears fell. “Mu Ru Yue, it’s all your fault that I had such an outcome!”

She would never be able to forget what Ye Tian Feng told her that day…

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  1. I have a silly question,
    Miki the magnificent – what is ‘Ben Wang’?

    Several ‘important’ people have used that phrase/language when referring to themselves. (I would mock on calling them impotent, but I believe Ye Wu has also used it.)

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    Miki a question, since so far only current Ghost King’s father is the ony one who didn’t take any concubine, does that mean the Xia family, or rather Madam Sheng is sharing her hubby too…?

    1. Well they don’t seem to be a couple that is doing that. I’m not sure haha~ I also don’t know but what I type is what the author says.

    2. That is unlikely. Didn’t the MC’s father mention that the elders tried to force him to marry several concubines? That was before his wife became Madam Sheng …attempting to force him after she became Madem Sheng would been way too idiotic even for these type of novels.

      1. I know that’s why I’m confused like why are they all saying that only man in that world who ever had one woman beside him is the Current Ghost King’s Father… Unless I missed something, which btw were there two or was it ony him?

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    thx for the chapter and teasers~
    And you have perfectly insert yourself in the story, congrats~

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