EAA Chapter 150


Chapter 150 – Adoring The Ghost King’s Woman Part 4

Ye Tian Feng clenched his fist tightly.


Mu Ting Er crashed against a stone chair from a kick. Instantly, a trail of blood trickled from the back of her head. She was in so much pain that her face was almost twisted.

Yet, the pain in her heart was greater than the pain from her wound.


“Do you really not know or are you feigning? I had indeed previously wanted to get Mu Ru Yue and wished for the death of the Ghost King. But currently, Mu Ru Yue is the disciple of Grandmaster Wu Yu. Don’t you know the status of Grandmaster Wu Yu in the Qing Yun Sect? His status is so high that even my master can’t go against his order. Moreover, the Ghost King is the master of the Ghost Manor. The mysterious Ghost Manor had always kept a low profile. Everyone knows the strength of Ghost Manor as he can directly kill a False Xiantian. How can my Jing King Manor afford to go against such people?”

Mu Ting Er clenched her fist tightly.

She wasn’t satisfied and wasn’t able to accept it…

The most outstanding man in the past had turned out to be such a useless guy that he didn’t even dare to kill the man he hated. Moreover, she had initially mocked Mu Ru Yue in going to marry a fool and even said that a trash and a fool were a perfect match.

Who knew that the fool was pretending and was extremely powerful?

Or that the trash was so outstanding with her peerless talent?

How could she stand it?

“Somebody, drag Mu Ting Er away for me!” Ye Tian Feng shook his sleeve. He turned around and said, “Scrap her cultivation and toss her to a brute as a companion.”

Mu Ting Er’s body shook as she looked with disbelief at Ye Tian Feng. Suddenly, she laughed crazily. “Ye Tian Feng, you will suffer from retribution! You abandoned my heart and will definitely receive karma! No! No! Go away! Don’t touch me! Your Highness, I’m wrong. Ting Er really knows that she is wrong. Please forgive me. No….”

Ye Tian Feng slowly closed his eyes. In comparison to his own life, others obviously wouldn’t come close to it.

“Young mistress, I have already investigated that the Ghost King has been staying here these past few days.”

Outside the Mu residence, a green-clothed maid turned to look at the red-clothed young girl as she spoke respectfully.

That young girl had an exceptional appearance, with a spot of cinnabar red between her eyebrows. Her face was well-developed. When her slightly red lips curled up into a smile, it could charm a person’s soul.

The young girl wore red clothes, but didn’t look inelegant in them and even looked outstanding. Yet, the arrogance in her eyes sold her out.

“Yin Huan, let’s head in.” The red-clothed girl raised her brow as she arrogantly lifted her snow-white jaw.

As they say, a type of owner would have the same type of dog.

The maid similarly had an arrogant face as she glanced at the sparse Mu residence, her graceful brow frowning in dissatisfaction.

“Young mistress, the people in the outside world are so arrogant. They know that young mistress has come, but don’t send anyone out to greet us. They really think greatly about themselves. I must say that if a noble being like young mistress came, they should sweep the ground and welcome you. Yet, there isn’t anyone coming out. My young mistress, why do we have to come to live with such people? In comparison to the Sheng Domain, the energy here is too low. It isn’t suitable for our kind of people to live here.”

The red-clothed young girl glared at the green-clothed maid, but didn’t say anything.

There was definitely a purpose for her coming here.

Not long ago, her grandfather told her that Madam Sheng Yue stopped being as carefree as before. With Madam Sheng Yue’s noble status, if she were to supervise the Xiao family, their good days would reach their end, so her grandfather wanted to make use of her marriage…

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