EAA Chapter 152


Chapter 152 – Arrogant and Despotic Xiao Min Part 1

Xiao Min had always thought she had the most outstanding appearance. There were only a handful of people in the Sheng Domain that had looks better than hers. Yet today, when she saw Mu Ru Yue, she realized how ignorant she’d been.

In comparison to her appearance, this young girl had an out of the world quality to her. It was precisely this quality that made Xiao Min’s heart fill with jealousy.

“You’re Mu Ru Yue?” Xiao Min raised her jaw as she looked arrogantly at the white clothed young girl. “You should know my identity. I’m from the Xiao family of Sheng Domain.”

She indeed had the right to be arrogant as the young mistress of the Xiao family.


When Mu Ru Yue saw this highly arrogant girl, she finally understood why Wu Chen didn’t want her to meet her. She really didn’t need to see such an arrogant and despotic girl.

With a slight raise of her brow, Mu Ru Yue looked coldly at Xiao Min.

“You are the daughter of Madam Sheng Yue?”

“Of, of course.”

It was impossible for Xiao Min to reply without feeling sheepish.

She was just from the branch family of the Xiao family. She couldn’t be compared to the genuine young mistress, Xiao Qing Qing. When she’d previously tried to become the genuine young mistress by asking the head and young wife of the main family to adopt her as their daughter, she was mercilessly rejected.

How could she stand that? Hence, she self-proclaimed that she was the daughter of Madam Sheng Yue. Moreover, with Madam Sheng Yue’s good nature, she didn’t bother to clarify it, thus giving her the chance.

Mu Ru Yue glanced at Xiao Min. It was as though she discovered something as she slightly smirked. “Really?”

Xiao Min became sheepish. She definitely know it wasn’t the truth. Xiao Min had failed to enter the eyes of Madam Sheng Yue, who didn’t have the slightest intention to adopt her as her daughte…

“So what if the young mistress isn’t the biological daughter of Madam Sheng Yue? Madam Sheng Yue has already adopted her, so she is equivilent to her daughter.” When Yin Huan saw her young mistress being bullied, she couldn’t help but stand up for her and glare sinisterly at Mu Ru Yue, obvious disdain in her eyes.

Mu Ru Yue sneered. “When has the sight of Madam Sheng Yue dulled so drastically to adopt a cat and dog as her daughter?”

“You… What do you mean?” Xiao Min’s expression turned ashen. With eyes that sprayed out flames, she looked at Mu Ru Yue and said, “You dare to say that I am a cat and dog? It is Madam Sheng Yue who has the sight and adopted me as her daughter. I am Xiao Min, the young mistress of the Xiao family. Even the Qing Yun Sect wouldn’t be able to protect you for being impolite towards me!”

Mu Ru Yue coldly smiled and shook her head. She had originally thought that the young mistress of the Xiao family would be as bubbly and adorable as Qing Qing. She didn’t expect her to be such an arrogant and despotic girl.

“Mu Er, don’t continue talking to such a girl.” Ye Wu Chen embraced Mu Ru Yue before looking sinisterly at Xiao Min. With a casual wave of his hand, the wind was thrown.


The mistress and servant were sent flying out of the residence.

Xiao Min landed on her back. She didn’t notice her sorry state at all as she gazed love-struck at Ye Wu Chen.


The front door of the Mu residence slammed shut, blocking Xiao Min’s sight…

Aiyo!” Yin Huan called out in pain. When she climbed up from the ground, she frowned and said in dissatisfaction, “Young mistress, these people have overdone it. We must head back and report this to the elder so that he can teach them a lesson.”

Xiao Min didn’t say anything and just stared at the tightly shut door…

“Yin Huan, I’ve fallen for that man. I want to marry him. No, I must marry him!”

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  1. A child coming from Madam Sheng Yue is most definitively prettier that the likes of you, coming from a worm like branch family and depending on your grandfather’s coat tails to rise in status! Such unfilialness is not needed! Go away you b**** mob!

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      | ̄””‘、
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      |U”” This is what happened when a man has a girlfriend many flies will clung to him

  2. maybe you can pick up Douluo Dalu 2? It has been already been dropped by the previous translators. Pretty please miki-sama 🙂

  3. Flies. Flies everywhere. Why does Wu chen attract so much flies!? Maybe he should wear that silver mask back as to not attract those super annoying flies. Ah, of course i mean the self proclaimed daughter of sheng is the fly

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      It is saying like ‘This prince’ instead of I to prove their higher status. It is like looking down on status lower than them. They could choose not to if they want.

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