EAA Chapter 154


Chapter 154 – Earth Stage High Rank Pill Part 1

Inside the Pill Refining Room.

A young girl raised her palm slightly. A thread of flame appeared from her palm and landed beside a red hot pill furnace.


An intense fire lit up after she tossed that flame into the Phoenix Furnace by her side.


“After preparing these past few days, I should be able to attempt to manufacture an Earth Stage High Rank pill.” Mu Ru Yue sighed as she took out some ingredients.

What she was manufacturing this time was an Earth Stage High Rank pill, Origin Increasing Pill. It enables the user with a cultivation below the False Xiantian realm and above the Houtian Sixth Stage to break through a stage…

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The light from the fire made the young girl’s face look completely red. Her gaze slowly focused.

When she flipped her hand, the flame in her palm moved with her motion. A drop of sweat gradually appeared on Mu Ru Yue’s forehead. Right after its appearance, a handkerchief appeared from her side, gently wiping the sweat off Mu Ru Yue’s forehead.

Ye Wu Chen looked tenderly at his beloved girl, his lips curled up slightly.

If I can always do this for her, it will be great…’

“Stinky brat, where are you going again?”

Currently, at the Kingdom’s Protector General’s Manor, the general caught his son sneaking out of the house. He glared at him, his gaze furious. “Are you going to the Mu residence again?”

Hehe!” Li Lu withdrew his step as he chuckled drily. “Father, I was the one that lost to her. You taught me to always keep to my word, so I’m not doing anything wrong.”

The general was enraged to the point that his entire body seemed about to combust into flames of fury. He just couldn’t help wanting to smack this stinky brat flying at this instant.

“Who called you to make such a bet? You even lost. You’re a useless scoundrel as my son, unable to defeat a girl.”

Li Lu pouted as he muttered, “It’s alright to be a useless scoundrel — better than being a coward.”

“What did you say?!” The general glared at him as he asked furiously.

“Noth… nothing. Father, I’ve got something to do. I will leave first.”

When Li Lu saw that the odds were against him, he ran hastily away without glancing back, leaving behind the general that was still trembling with anger.

He would be a fool if he didn’t run now. Any later and he wouldn’t be able to run off.

When Li Lu went to look at the back courtyard of the Mu residence for Mu Ru Yue, he heard that she was currently in the Pill Refining Room.  He could only wait quietly outside the Pill Refining Room

When sun’s fall covered the sky, the tightly shut Pill Refining Room gradually opened

“Li Lu, it’s perfect that you’re here. Go and gather everyone from the Massacre The Heavens Sect.” When Mu Ru Yue stepped out of the room and saw Li Lu, she ordered him about with a slight raise of her brow.

Hehe. Mistress, are you giving out pills again?” Li Lu scratched his head as he chuckled twice while nearing Mu Ru Yue. He, however, was sent flying by a kick before he could get near Mu Ru Yue.

Ye Wu Chen dusted his purple robe before turning around to embrace Mu Ru Yue. A charming smile was displayed on his divinely handsome face, a gentle gaze landing on the young girl.

Li Lu rubbed his hurting butt as he stood up with an aggrieved expression on his face. He was only curious as to what pill his mistress had manufactured. Did the Ghost King have to guard against him to such an extent?

Thinking about all of this, he felt so wronged.

“Li Lu, why are you still standing foolishly there?” Mu Ru Yue shifted her gaze to Li Lu, who was still looking wronged. “Quickly go and summon all of the people from the Massacre The Heavens Sect so that I can test out my newly manufactured pill.”

Testing pills?

Li Lu blinked his eyes. Mistress wanted them to come here to test her pill?

If Li Lu had known the effect of that pill, he would have definitely fought to test the pill for her…

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