EAA Chapter 155


Chapter 155 – Earth Stage High Rank Pill Part 2

Every member of the Massacre The Heavens Sect stood before Mu Ru Yue at the back courtyard of Mu residence. Their burning gazes were focused on her. When Li Lu went to summon them, he’d also explained to them that her call for them was in order for them to test out her pill.

They, however, didn’t know what pill it would be.

“Has everyone assembled?” Mu Ru Yue surveyed the area once. “If everyone is here, then we should start. I must make everyone take an oath before I hand out these pills. You are to be loyal toward me from now on. If anyone breaks this oath, their soul will be obliterated and will never be able to reincarnate!”

Everyone looked at one another. People on this continent believed in the power of an oath so once they swore one, only the rare few would break it.


There was once a strong expert in the distant past that swore he would never abandon his wife. He, however, found a new lover and abandoned his waste of a wife. The ending of that expert was extremely miserable as it was the same outcome he’d sworn if he broke the oath.

Thus, from then on, nobody dared to go against their oath.

“Of course, if you’re unwilling, it’s fine. But please leave my Mu residence this instance.” The young girl’s voice was ice-cold, void of feeling, yet it made everyone look at each other, smiling bitterly.

Did they have a choice?

Although their mistress allowed them to leave, they understood that they’d been under her great care already, so they wouldn’t easily decide to leave this place.

“Mistress, we are willing to be loyal toward you for all eternity. We will never betray or acknowledge another master. If we are to break this oath, we are willing to have our souls obliterated, never to reincarnate.”

Everyone had thought for a while, but still established that heavy oath in the end.

“Alright.” Mu Ru Yue slightly nodded. A trace of a faint smile appeared on her exceptional cold face. “Li Lu, hand these pills out. The pills I am giving to you now is the Earth Stage High Rank Increase Origin Pill. It is usable for all below the Xiantian realm and allows one to break through a stage. If the user were to be a Ninth Stage Martial practitioner, they can use this pill to successfully break through to the Xiantian realm.”

The young girl’s words made everyone’s heart tighten.

Li Lu’s eyes brightened and he nearly drooled. He swallowed his saliva back as he directed a look of flattery toward Mu Ru Yue. “Hehe! Mistress, so you called us here to try out this kind of pill. Why didn’t you say so sooner? No matter how much there is, I am willing to test it.”

Mu Ru Yue swept him a gaze. “Quickly hand out the pills.”

“Understood, mistress.”

After hearing that this Increase Origin Pill could increase their power, everyone glared fixedly at the bottle in Li Lu’s hand. They couldn’t help but want to snatch it from him.

Increase Origin Pill. How could such a thing not move people after knowing that it was a pill that could enable a Ninth Martial practitioner to break through to the Xiantian realm?

Everyone became extremely nervous once they held the pill. They hastily consumed it. Momentarily, countless light from breakthroughs could be seen above the Mu residence.

Hahaha! I’ve broken through. I finally did!”

A hearty laugh was heard from the residence.

This tall, sturdy man laughed till he teared up as he reminisced about the time before he entered Mu residence. He’d been only a Sixth Stage Martial practitioner, without any hope of making any more breakthroughs.

His turning point was that Essence Purification Pill.

It was due to desiring that Essence Purification Pill that he entered Mu residence. After he consumed the Purification Essence Pill, his previously lost innate power returned to his body. After cultivating for a month, he broke through to the Seventh Stage, which he originally thought would be his limit. Who knew that he could now break through to the Eighth Stage in an instant…

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