EAA Chapter 156


Chapter 156 – Earth Stage High Rank Pill Part 3

The man was so excited that he cried, but nobody mocked him as everyone else was as excited as he was. It was common knowledge that alchemists were extremely precious to the world. They previously weren’t able to consume even the most ordinary of pills, not to mention this Increase Origin Pill, an Earth Stage High Rank Pill.

Even Ye Tian Feng’s master, Grandmaster Tian Yuan, was only an Earth Stage Mid Rank alchemist.

“Mistress, you are like my parent. If it wasn’t for you, I doubt I would have any chance in making any breakthroughs. My life will be yours from now on.”

“That’s right! Mistress, if it wasn’t for you, we definitely wouldn’t have the chance to even touch something like an Increase Origin Pill.”


Everyone became excited as they looked at Mu Ru Yue with burning gazes.

Mu Ru Yue wanted this kind of effect. Her cold gaze swept past the crowd. “I have a method to stimulate the dormant innate power inside your body, but this method will be extremely harsh. You may experience pain that you have never experienced before, but I will also be training alongside with you. It all comes down to whether you have the determination to become stronger. Following that, you should pursue the peak of the world with me.”

Pursue the peak of the world?

Everyone’s blood started to boil. How tempting was it to reach the summit of the world? How could they not be moved when they thought they could reach the peak of the world with her?

“Mistress, we are willing—no matter how bitter the future path will be.”

This was how the continent functioned. If one didn’t put in the effort and hard work, then one would only end up as the bullied. No matter how strong you were, there will always be someone stronger than you are.

If one doesn’t want to be bullied, then one must head to the highest position of the world.

You would not be oppressed if you were in that position.

“Alright, I will give you half a month’s time to prepare yourselves. After that, you are to undergo my hell training. I hope that after half a month, your powers will make further improvements. Of course, I will prepare enough medicinal plants beforehand.” Mu Ru Yue’s gaze swept past the excited faces of the crowd. With a slight curl of her lip, she continued, “Now, I will need you to appoint a leader and an assistant leader. If I am not around in the future, you are still to continue following my training regime. You must persevere to gain an imaginable outcome.”

Once she said that, Mu Ru Yue shifted her gaze to Li Lu. “You have the best understandings of these people. You are to appoint the leader and assistant leader. You are to also report the members’ cultivations to me.”

Since there were too many people that made a breakthrough now, Mu Ru Yue wasn’t able to remember all of their cultivations.

Li Lu blinked before shifting his gaze toward the members of the Massacre The Heavens Sect.

“There is one Ninth Stage expert, ten Eighth Stage experts, thirty Seventh Stage, and fifty Sixth Stage and below practitioners in our group. The leader will be Zhao Lin, the Ninth Stage practitioner. Not only is he powerful, he is authoritative and charismatic. The assistant leader will be one of the Eighth Stage experts, Hua Luo Yu.”

Mu Ru Yue nodded slightly. “Zhao Lin and Hua Luo Yu step out.”

Upon her order, the two appointed people stepped forth.

Zhao Lin was handsome and valiant. He seemed to be twenty six and could be counted as a talent. Zhao Lin was an associate of Li Lu. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to reach his current cultivation if Li Lu didn’t invite him.

In comparison, Hua Luo Yu was an elegant looking girl. Her age was similar to Zhao Lin. She was rescued by Li Lu when she got hurt during a dire situation.

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  1. Thanks for teaser!
    “The man was so excited that he cried, but nobody mocked him as everyone else was as excited as he was. ”
    Damn these dudes
    It makes me become emotional.

  2. Does anyone know if the pills are only effective one time or if they are able to take multiple? I know that they can only break through once but I am curious if the pills would help with their cultivation if they are taken again.

    1. Maybe it depends on the pill. Those that are playing a supporting role should be re-usable. As for the Insta-Breakthroughs, I highly doubt it that one would be able to shove e.g. 3 of those thay Mu Er made and break through 3 levels.
      But there seem to be different kinds of Insta-pills suitable for different cultivation levels (ranges).

      So: same Insta-Pill – highly unlikely
      Different Insta-Pill – probably possible

      At least my guess~

  3. i swear if that girls takes one look at her husband and turns into a raging beasts that wants to marry him at all cost and gets an undying hatred for the mc i will drop this shit right here….are all the girls in this novels batshit crazy

  4. So… When the girl so pain tolerant claims that this one is gonna be excruciating, you should probably knock yourself out as soon as you take it, lol. She made no noise when she ate the pill that had all of them screaming in pain.

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