EAA Chapter 159


Chapter 159- Challenge Part 2

Xiao Min pursed her lips slightly as she lifted her head to gaze at the divinely handsome man before her. In this instant, her heart skipped a beat.

It was unknown to Xiao Min as to why this man’s figure kept playing in her mind these past few days. Perhaps it was just curiosity she felt at the start towards this man. But, after interacting with him, she understood just how outstanding he really was.

If she could get him as her other half, then she would be satisfied with her life…

“Mister Wu Chen, I have come to find you for some matter this time.” Xiao Min looked shyly at the man before her. “I just can’t bear for Mister Wu Chen to be fooled by that sinister girl. I’ve come to let you know everything. That girl doesn’t truly love you. She’d previously snatched her own elder sister’s man. But now, since she wants to be with Mister Wu Chen, she dumped that man. Such a girl like herself isn’t worthy of Mister Wu Chen’s gentleness. Who knows if she will cheat on Mister Wu Chen one day?”


Ye Wu Chen slightly narrowed his eyes.

At that moment, Xiao Min felt as though the air around her was slowly disappearing as she looked in astonishment at the man before her.

She could be counted as a talent in Sheng Domain. How could this man possibly make her feel oppressed when he didn’t even do anything? How much power did he possess to make such a move?

Perhaps, she really had found an outstanding man this time…

“Sheng Domain? Xiao family?” Ye Wu Chen chuckled lowly. His charming smile was cold as he continued, “Mu Er isn’t compatible with me, but you are instead?”

The man’s smile was exceptionally beautiful, causing Xiao Min’s heartbeat to quicken. She bit her lip. “Mister Wu Chen, you should know my identity. I am a person of the Xiao family in Sheng Domain. Moreover, Madam Sheng Yue is my foster mother. If you marry me, there will definitely be many benefits. There won’t be a second offer if you miss this chance.”

This identity was Xiao Min’s pride.

She’d frequently done things in the Xiao family’s name. How many people could there be that didn’t want to curry favour from her once they heard the name of Sheng Domain’s Xiao family? This man should be the same…

“The daughter of Madam Sheng Yue?” Ye Wu Chen slightly curled his lips. A trace of coldness touched the smile on his exquisite face as he continued, “From what I know, there is a person in the Xiao family’s branch family that is so delusional in becoming a part of the main family that she requested Madam Sheng Yue to adopt her. In the end, she was rejected by Madam Sheng Yue. However, she personally spread around the news that Madam Sheng Yue truly did adopt her and thus she reaches her current status.”

Xiao Min’s face paled as she stared in shock at Ye Wu Chen.

Why did this man know about this is so much detail?

“Even if that’s the case, I am still from the Xiao family. Mister Wu Chen is an intelligent person. You should know that girl is only an ordinary person. How can she be comparable with the Sheng Domain’s Xiao family? With how outstanding you are, Mister Wu Chen, if you were to marry into the Xiao family, you will definitely reap much profit. Moreover, that girl is so fickle minded.”

Xiao Min bit her red lip, looking as though she were a dead piggy that wasn’t afraid of being boiled.

In an instant, the light in Ye Wu Chen’s eyes slowly darkened…

Just as she wanted to say something further, she felt a hand mercilessly squeezing her throat. Boundless fear seeped slowly into her heart, causing her body to shudder.

She currently felt as though her life wasn’t in her control…

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    So is Xiao Min going to become an M if she survives? She is already screwed but she could still get a few days of being an M in.

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