EAA Chapter 161


Chapter 161 -Challenge Part 4

Xiao Min had always been arrogant and despotic within Sheng Domain. How could she place importance on an ordinary girl when she dared to act as she’d always done in Sheng Domain?

In the beginning, she was curious about the Ghost King due to Mu Ting Er. Following that, it was his exquisite appearance, but that also didn’t amount to everything. As a girl of the Xiao family, she understood clearly what she needed.

She wanted a person that would treat her wholeheartedly. Not only must he have outstanding looks, but he must also possess great power.

It was obvious that the Ghost King met her ideals.


At the start, she’d left Sheng Domain to escape her grandfather’s arrangements. Who knew she would meet her ideal partner here? She really didn’t know how such an outstanding man existed in this world. She must obtain him, even if it were by shady means. [Miki: I thought it was usually done by guys? Hmm~ XD Just kidding :P]

“This challenge is just a little childish to me, especially since it’s to snatch a man.” Mu Ru Yue didn’t speak for a moment before she swept an icy gaze toward Xiao Min’s arrogant and complacent face. “But since you are so interested, it will be bad if I don’t accept it.”

Xiao Min coldly smiled. Since this woman had the guts to accept the challenge, she would definitely teach her a lesson.

“Everyone present, listen.” Xiao Min turned her head to look at the crowd. With a sneer on her face, she continued, “I am from the Xiao family of Sheng Domain. I will be going to duel with this girl, no matter if it is death or life after the battle.”

The crowd discussed among themselves once they heard that it was a match that might lead to the death of one of them.

Xiao family of Sheng Domain? Where was that place? They hadn’t heard about it before. However, there were some that did know a few rumours about the Xiao family of Sheng Domain and, thus, they told the others what kind of place it was.

Everyone took in a cold breath after hearing how formidable the Xiao family was…

Since the Xiao family was so strong, this girl should be powerful. Would the future Ghost King’s wife be a match for her? Wouldn’t it be seeking death if she were to duel with her?”

No matter what the others thought, Mu Ru Yue had already accepted this duel.

Xiao Min started her moves without any warning…

A long whip appeared in her hand. When she swung it, it instantly surged forth like a dragon toward Mu Ru Yue and curled around her wrist.

Mu Ru Yue slightly knitted her brows, but she still stayed expressionless. There was a faint cold ray of light in her eyes as her body burst forth with a powerful aura.

“Bitch!” Xiao Min bit her lips tightly as she swung the whip toward Mu Ru Yue’s body.

Mu Ru Yue moved to the side, avoiding Xiao Min’s next attack. When Xiao Min saw she could dodge her attack, her expression darkened and became more aggressive with her following strikes.

No matter what, Xiao Min was nurtured by the Xiao family. Since Mu Ru Yue had transmigrated for only a year, the disparity in strength was great. However, that distance could be complemented by pills…

Pill after pill entered her mouth, turning into strength as they slowly passed through her entire body.

When the crowd saw her popped pills into her mouth like candy, they were so jealous that their eyes almost reddened. More importantly, the pill worked the instant she consumed it, becoming a part of her strength.

Wasn’t this effect a little too perverted?

Pills were precious items in the world, so who would be willing to eat them like candy as she did?

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  1. It’s because of that grandpa of hers.

    Madam Sheng husband is from Xiao Family, so her grandpa who is an elder of the xiao family could be said have a higher standing than that nephew of his that now the husband of Madam Sheng for the respect of the elder.

    Now, that grandpa dotes on this b*tch way too much to the point that he probably use force to get what she wants.

    with a surrounding like that, i’m not surprise this little b*tch think that she is invisible in Sheng Domain.
    And she probably think that If she is invisible in the powerful Sheng Domain, why not if it’s outside the domain that is a lot weaker. And so, she believes that she is also invisible outside the Sheng Domain with her grandpa influence

    1. Invincible : strong, powerful, holier-than-thou
      Invisible : can’t be seen at all, near nonexistent
      But still, I like your choice of words, intentional or not xD
      She should be invisible x3

    1. I don’t think early death will happened but something along the line of tortures and crippling her cultivation, and possibly sold off as lesser concubine to an orc or pig man may happened like Mu Ru Yue’s previous “rivals” like several certain so-called sisters.

  2. I really can’t wait for Madam Sheng to show up and trash this girl once she finds out how she’s been raging on her daughter.

    Thanks for the chapter!!

  3. Through I oppose of people betting other’s life on the line, the again if MRY did lose the deal, Ghost king can just go say, “And now I’m breaking up with you” to Xiao Min and go back to MRY XD

    I mean she never did say he should stay with her FOREVER XD OMG this girl is stupid to make a deal like that XD

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