EAA Chapter 165


Chapter 165 – Shameless Old Man Part 3


The grey-robed elder was shocked. His attention instantly shifted away from Ye Wu Chen as he went to check Xiao Min’s condition. Once he took a look, his anger reached the next level and his killing intent surged.

“Stinking brat, you’re so vicious to have destroyed my granddaughter’s dantian. How did my granddaughter offend you for you to treat such an innocent and weak girl in such a fashion?”

Ye Wu Chem smiled. A sneer was on his divinely handsome face as he said, “She hurt my wife. Don’t you think that is an offense?”


“It must be your wife that provoked my granddaughter first!” The grey-robed elder’s anger reached ten meters. If this man before him hadn’t seemed so formidable, he would have already charged forth to cut him down.

“Elder.” Yin Huan wiped her tears before lifting her head to look toward Ye Wu Chen. “This man is the one young mistress fancies. He kicked the young mistress out of the door for that woman and humiliated the young mistress. The young mistress bore the humiliation, but they still wouldn’t let the young mistress go.”

Mu Ru Yue saw the true face these people clearly.

No matter what words that were uttered from their mouths, they would still say that something black was white. Furthermore, the arrogant Xiao Min that had come knocking on the door herself had somehow become an innocent and weak girl. It was no wonder Xiao Min had such a personality.

The grey-robed elder sized Ye Wu Chen up.

It was undeniable that his granddaughter had a good eye. There wasn’t any man as handsome as this guy. More importantly, his strength was truly strong. Otherwise, he himself wouldn’t be standing on his toes to deal with him.

If he’d married his granddaughter earlier on, then perhaps he could have escaped this ordeal. It was such a pity…

“I can’t deny that you indeed have the capital to attract girls toward you, but my granddaughter is from the Xiao family. Why didn’t you just agree to marry her when she said she fancied you? It would have been fine if you had rejected her, but you also had to hurt her to such an extent. It can’t be that you want to oppose my entire Xiao family, right?”

The grey-robed elder’s face darkened, the fury in his heart nearly setting him on fire.

This was the first time in so many years that someone didn’t place importance on his Xiao family.

Ye Wu Chen had never seen such a shameless old man. He felt it was a little funny that there were really such people that thought so highly about themselves when they actually amounted to nothing…

“Firstly, are you sure you can represent the Xiao family?” The man’s lips curled up slightly. His handsome face was even more charming with that smile, yet, there was an icy coldness in his eyes that made people apprehensive. It was certain that his smile didn’t reach his eyes.

“Secondly, Ben Wang won’t allow her to stand there unscathed, even if it means opposing the entire Sheng Domain!”

Her man’s words were so domineering and brazen, but a trace of warmth wrapped around Mu Ru Yue’s heart.

So what if he were to oppose the entire Sheng Domain? He definitely wouldn’t give her another chance! If she becomes a trash, then she would be vulnerable to beatings and may even be killed. Now she would never be able to make even the slightest commotion from now on.

This would be much more torturous than to just kill her.

She was currently lying there, unconscious. She most likely wouldn’t feel any pain if he were to kill her with his blade. Since that was the case, how could he simply let her die so easily?

“Why? Why don’t you mind opposing the entire Sheng Domain?” The grey-robed elder’s entire body shuddered. He couldn’t believe that this man didn’t fear their Sheng Domain in the slightest.

The strength of Sheng Domain was unfathomable. The only power that was comparable to Sheng Domain was the Pill Assembly. Moreover, the Xiao family was the sole controller of Sheng Domain…

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  1. No, her real sin is thinking that she can break my otp! Don’t you know? All of my otps so far have never broken up! Thinking she even has a chance to sink my beloved ship is pure arrogence! Crippling her dantian is not enough! Show her the despair that she deserves for trying to sink my ship!
    Thanks for the teaser.

  2. “The only power that was comparable to Sheng Domain was the Pill Assembly.” Old dumb-dumb, you didn’t even check the background of the girl that your dumb granddaughter was offending was the honorary elder of the very power you have to give face to and not to mention, the officially acknowledged adopted daughter of the woman you fear (which soon to be elevated to REAL BIRTH daughter!).

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  4. I bet the old man gonna vomit 300 liters of blood knowing that when he offended this pair of lovely couple he had already offended the great sheng domain! Muahahahaha couldnt wait seeing this old kan arrogant face turn into one that is so ugly that everyone that see would vomit

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