EAA Chapter 166


Chapter 166- The Sect Leader of The Saintess Sect Part 1

Ye Wu Chen didn’t say anything as he just turned his head to look at the girl behind him. This man that previously had a domineering aura suddenly became filled with gentleness, his eyes holding boundless tenderness.

He didn’t need to say anything to express his feeling…

The grey-robed elder suddenly realised that this man really didn’t mind opposing the entire Sheng Domain for a woman. Was there really such a devoted man in this world?

Perhaps this man wouldn’t even frown if he were to conquer the world for her…


The grey-robed elder’s expression darkened.

How could his granddaughter stand it if the man she loved scraped her cultivation for another girl? How much pain would she suffer when she regained consciousness?

Yet, the old man knew that this young man possessed tyrannical strength. If he were to fight against him, it would only result in them being seriously wounded. He wouldn’t be able to avenge her…

“Stinking brat, I’ll temporarily let you go today, but I definitely won’t spare your life the next time we meet!” The killing intent from the grey-robed elder didn’t decrease in the slightest, but his grandeur was still much lower than Ye Wu Chen’s.

“When did Ben Wang allow you to leave this place?”

Ye Wu Chen’s divine face darkened when he saw the grey-robed elder carry Xiao Min along with him as he left. Wu Chen lifted his hand slightly and a bolt of black flames surged toward the grey-robed elder.

There was a sinister and cold aura emitting from the dark flames that made the surrounding audience feel a chill.

The grey-robed elder hastily moved away in a flash as he didn’t want to fight Ye Wu Chen. He quickened his steps to leave. Ye Wu Chen initially wanted to pursue and kill that old man, but at this moment there was a powerful aura gradually heading toward them, the distance close. It made him halt his steps, an unprecedented seriousness displayed on his face.

“Wu Chen, what’s wrong?” Mu Ru Yue felt something was wrong with Ye Wu Chen. Her long, shapely brows knitted slightly with indistinct worry in her eyes.

Ye Wu Chen turned around as he walked toward Mu Ru Yue. With a charming smile, he lifted his hand to caress the young girl’s face. There was a trace of reluctance on his divine expression.

“Mu Er, it seems that I will have to leave in a moment.”

“Wu Chen.” Mu Ru Yue’s heart tightened as she gripped Ye Wu Chen’s hand tightly, a trace of unease within her. It seemed as though Ye Wu Chen was to face some danger…   

“Mu Er, you agreed to marry me a few days ago. I had been preparing ever since to give you a grand wedding ceremony. I am nearly done with it already, but I need to leave for a period of time. We will arrange the wedding ceremony properly once I’m done with that, alright?”

Mu Ru Yue raised her head to focus on his handsome face. She gradually nodded. “Alright, I will wait for you here. I just want you to return safely, no matter what happens.”

She didn’t question him in the end.

Since she chose to marry him, she would trust him with all her heart.

Ye Wu Chen lowered his head slightly to place a fleeting kiss at the corner of her lips. He didn’t mind in the slightest that they were in public. He released Mu Ru Yue and looked gently toward her, reluctance in his posture.

“Mu Er, you must wait for my return. Once I’ve settled the matters at hand, I will return to your side.”

He would definitely return safely, no matter what happens…

Ye Wu Chen turned around and, after giving one last look toward Mu Ru Yue, disappeared from the street. Soon, he reappeared near a mountain forest. At the same time, in the open sky, a man was standing in midair before him…

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  1. Yay~ I love this OTP. I hope people will finally understand enough to eff off and not bother our poor pairing. XD though probably not, as that would be a boring story to read… Adversity makes character XP

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