EAA Chapter 167


Chapter 167 – Sect Leader Of The Saintess Sect Part 2

The man looked around twenty years old. His appearance was swordlike and he had honey-coloured skin that radiated light from the sun. He was well built, the slightly closed black robe exposing well-defined muscle. Nobody would have been able to imagine that this twenty-year-old man was actually the sect leader of the sinister Saintess Sect.

The Saintess Sect had been established for at least twenty years after all. Even if he’d started it in his youth, he should at least be a forty- to fifty-year-old middle-aged man. After all, shouldn’t it be impossible for him to have established the powerful Saintess Sect when he was born?

Yet, just from that man’s appearance, he indeed looked to be twenty years old….

The only flaw in his appearance was a horizontal scar across the left side of his face. It mercilessly destroyed his beauty. If not for that, this man would have been exceptionally handsome.


“I didn’t think that I had left behind a bad seedling after so many years.” The man lowered his head slightly and, with a ruthless smile, continued, “You also killed two of my subordinates. If I had known about this earlier, I would have killed you then to prevent future disasters.”

“It’s a pity you didn’t.”

Ye Wu Chen’s face was unprecedentedly sinister and cold. His entire body gave off a malevolent, hair-raising aura. Following his words, the other man raised his head and laughed. His laughter was dramatic and brazen, and seemed to shake the entire forest.

“Brat, your mother had previously betrayed me and now you even killed my subordinates. Do you think I will let you off? I know you wanted to attract my attention towards you to give temporary safety to your fiancee. You and your parents are so devoted to love. It’s a pity that I must obtain your fiancee. My power will make a rapid improvement after having a Yin-Yang exchange with her. However, I will kill you before that so you won’t have to suffer from such a sight.”

The maliciousness in Ye Wu Chen’s icy expression deepened.  “I will have to see if you have that capability. Ben Wang will definitely not let you touch a single hair on her head!” “

“So you went behind her back to meet with me?” The man obviously knew of Ye Wu Chen’s motives. His lips curled up slightly and he gave a ruthless chuckle. “I will send you to hell soon enough.”

His greatest entertainment in life was to break up couples. Within the Saintess Sect, there were many youthful girls that were abducted by him, stolen away from their fiances. After he had sexual intercourse with them, however, the majority of them would forget about their past and would wholeheartedly pursue him.

Yet, his greatest quirk was not using anything twice. It was the same with women.

Ye Wu Chen looked coldly at the man before him. His only fear within the Saintess Sect was this sect leader of the Saintess Sect. However….

“You don’t have the ability to kill Ben Wang yet.”

There was someone waiting for him at home, so even though the man he was now blocking was dangerous, he would definitely return to her side…

“Mistress.” Li Lu looked timidly at Mu Ru Yue, who had a terrible expression. He didn’t dare to say what he wanted to say.

Mu Ru Yue retracted her thoughts. Her gaze slightly darkened. “Li Lu, assemble all of the members of the Massacre The Heavens Sect now. We will commence Hell Training.”

“Ah?” Li Lu was stunned. “Isn’t there still half a month before that?”

“No! We will start now!”

She had already promised she’d fight alongside him and reach the peak of the world. But right now, he still needed to face many matters on his own. If powerful opponents appeared every time, then she would only be a burden for him…

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