EAA Chapter 168


Chapter 168 – Mother And Daughter Reunion Part 1

Perhaps it would seem to others that she was a talent by becoming a sixteen-year-old Houtian Seventh Stage Martial practitioner, but to her this wasn’t sufficient. Such cultivation was only capable for fighting against other youths, never with those genuine experts.

She needed to become much stronger.

Only then would she have the qualifications to fight alongside him.

“Wu Chen, I don’t know what you are settling and I don’t know what is happening, but you promised you will surely return…”


Mu Ru Yue raised her head to look at the clouds far above her. Her unease gradually settled down.

Since he had promised, she believed that he would surely return to her…

The days of Hell Training was naturally tough, but she had already experienced it once before.  Compared to the other members of the Massacre The Heaven Sect, she was able to adapt the quickest.

Everyone was covered in injuries everyday. In addition, they were adding weights when they ran and were always a little tired. At the same time, everyone could feel that their body’s rate of absorbing energy was much quicker. Their power was slowly becoming stronger…

Mu Ru Yue would always think about Ye Wu Chen when she returned to Mu residence every night. If it wasn’t for her current matter, she wouldn’t have known that the fool who pretended to an idiot and kept her in the dark had already held an extremely important place in her heart.

This man had done too many things for her…

However, she didn’t have the right to face matters with him due to her insufficient strength. If she were to blindly stay by his side, then she would only become his burden.

Moreover, this continent was the same as the cultivation world of Hua Xia. The strong were respected while the weak were stepped upon. She wanted to become strong in order to move alongside him.

It was due to this thought that Mu Ru Yue put in more effort and worked herself harder than she’d ever done in her previous life. How could everyone else fall behind when they saw such a young girl possessed with such determination and perseverance? Everyone gritted their teeth and pushed on.

This was the first step in improving their strength so they definitely wouldn’t give up!

“Mistress! Mistress! I’ve broken through! I didn’t know we could break through with such a training method.”

The members of the Massacre The Heavens Sect had broken through within two months. Sixth Stage Martial practitioners broke through to the Seventh Stage. There were now a total of thirty Seventh Stage Martial practitioners and also eight people within the Eighth Stage. Even though the Eight Stage and Ninth Stage members hadn’t yet made a breakthrough, all of them felt a great difference from their original selves two months ago.

No matter if it were their defensive or offensive might, they’d obviously made remarkable improvements in each.

Who could have known what they’d experienced this two months?

It really was hell training!

They started by tying metal plates on their bodies as they ran. They increased the number of metal plates from one to fifty over the course of two months and they weren’t allowed to remove them. Perhaps this couldn’t be considered hell training, as what followed was the true nightmare…

They needed to fight against a strong magical beast with their bare fists and weren’t allowed to use any weapons. Sometimes they had to even fight a horde of magical beasts without weapons. They were also prohibited from using pills and had to just use their raw strength to deal with the horde of magical beasts.

How many times had they escaped from the clutches of death these last two months? It was great that everyone was able to persist. What she had said at the start of training came true.

They would be able to release their potential when they experienced high-risk situations.

Their potentials would be stimulated after facing death time after time.

Hence, the aura around the members of the Massacre The Heavens Sect underwent drastic changes after two months. Some of them even gave off a murderous and grim aura.

They were now the genuine Massacre The Heaven’s Combat Squad.

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