EAA Chapter 169


Chapter 169 – Mother And Daughter Reunion Part 2

Li Lu didn’t participate in the training.

The Mu residence needed to be taken care of so Mu Ru Yue had let Li Lu investigate for news about Ye Wu Chen. There hadn’t been any news of him for these past two months.

Just as Mu Ru Yue stepped into the Mu residence, Li Lu ran hastily out. Once he looked at Mu Ru Yue, he excitedly went forth to greet her.

“Mistress, you’ve returned. It’s wonderful since I was just about to look for you.”


Examining Li Lu’s expression, Mu Ru Yue’s heart shuddered as she anxiously asked, “Is this news about Wu Chen?”

Li Lu faced Mu Ru Yue and shook his head gently.

Mu Ru Yue grew melancholic once again…

“Mistress, there isn’t any news about Ghost King, but there is still great news. I have come to let you know that there have been rumours constantly surfacing about how the Saintess Sect seemed to have offended an expert. A few of its sect branches were destroyed by that expert. From these rumours, the expert wore a silver mask. Nobody has seen his true appearance.”

Silver mask?

Could it be Wu Chen?

Mu Ru Yue’s heart gradually relaxed. She could wholeheartedly focus on improving her powers if nothing had happened to him. Once she had accomplished that, she would be able to face this ordeal together with him. She didn’t want to be his burden…

Li Lu obviously didn’t notice the change in Mu Ru Yue’s expression as he continued, “Mistress, don’t you think this is great news? Wasn’t the Saintess Sect so overpowering before? Now its branch sect has been destroyed by someone. According to the rumours, the sect leader was furious. I really don’t know who is doing this, but it’s so satisfying. Haha!

Even though he hadn’t seen the two experts from the Saintess Sect, he’d heard that they were very powerful. But so what if it was the Saintess Sect? Wasn’t it currently being destroyed by someone?

As he thought about this, Li Lu had the urge to raise his head and laugh.

A loving couple walked down the street of Phoenix City at this moment. They attracted everyone’s attention to them.

The madam’s appearance was exceptional. Every hand gesture she made was elegant and natural. She wore golden-yellow silk clothing that fluttered in the breeze, giving her a noble and beautiful look.

The golden-yellow colour complemented her very well.

A green-clothed man was by her side. His appearance was perfected like a sculpture. His grey eyes looked tenderly at the beautiful madam beside him. That gentleness could only have appeared if he loved her to her bones from the bottom of his heart.

The two seemed so harmonious that it seemed like nobody would ever be able to break their relationship.

“Yu Er, we will be meeting our daughter soon.”

Their long-lost daughter that they’d thought of for so many years…

“Hubby.” Madam Sheng Yue held Xiao Tian Yu’s hand tightly. Her own jade-like hand couldn’t help but tremble. She suppressed her nervousness and slowly smiled. “Let’s help avenge our daughter before going over to meet her. I’ve heard that our daughter had been bullied terribly by the Mu family all these years.”

Madam Sheng Yue was filled with anger after listening to the investigations about her daughter’s past.

Their Xiao family’s daughter, the genuine main branch young mistress, had been bullied by a family clan to such an extent that they almost forced her to her death. If it wasn’t for their daughter’s tenacious life force, she would have perhaps gone to see the King of Hell already.

The heavens only know how stirred up her heart had been when she read such news.

That damnable Mu family had the guts to touch her precious daughter. She would make them regret all they had previously done!

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  3. It’s kind of sad when you think that the real Mu Ru Yue actually died without meeting her real family and the parents aren’t actually seeing their daughter but someone who took her place after the real Mu Ru Yue died

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