EAA Chapter 170


Chapter 170 – Mother And Daughter Reunion  Part 3

“Just a puny little Mu family.” Xiao Tian Yu smiled coldly. With a trace of frost in his grey eyes, he continued, “There is also that so-called Crown Prince Jing that didn’t even place importance on my, Xiao Tian Yu’s daughter. He really thinks highly of himself! More importantly, there is also that girl Mu Ting Er that was always seeking trouble for our daughter. How can I let her go? I already can’t wait to announce the news of our daughter in order to make those people repent!”

When he said that last word, a distinct killing intent surged from his eyes.

Madam Sheng Yue held Xiao Tian Yu’s hand and sighed. “Qing Qing initially wanted to come with us. She kept thinking about her elder sister Ru Yue during this period of time. After knowing that Yue Er is our biological daughter, she kept wanting us to bring Yue Er home. But that girl is about to undergo the innate test within the next few days so it is better for her to prepare well for it.”

Thinking about how excited that girl had been after discovering Yue Er was her elder sister by blood, Madam Sheng Yue couldn’t help but chuckle. Now she had a son and two daughters. She was extremely satisfied with her life already.


“Yu Er, let’s go and visit this family where our daughter has lived these past fifteen years. I wonder what kind of repayment they will give to our Xiao family.”

Xiao Tian Yu chuckled coldly, his smile chilling.

The guards that followed behind them shuddered with fear.

They knew that the young head and young madam were extremely enraged this time around. Someone was going to be in trouble…

“What did you say?”

When Mu Qing heard the report from his subordinate in the main hall of the Mu family, his heart instantly chilled as he hastily stood up. “People from Sheng Domain are coming here? Can it be due to that matter where that bitch Mu Ru Yue beat the young mistress of the Xiao family? Mu Ru Yue already isn’t my Mu family’s daughter anymore. Why did they come here to seek repayment then?”

Mu Qing became apprehensive as he said with a little unease, “Quickly invite the lord of the Xiao family in. No! I will personally go and greet them.”

What kind of place was Sheng Domain? Mu Qing had heard about it, but didn’t personally associate with them.

This was because they were a preeminent powerhouse that would never associate with ordinary people. Despite this, it was even the head of the Xiao family coming here at this moment.

Thus, Mu Qing didn’t dare to slight them. Just as he stood up, however, an elegant voice was heard from outside. “It is unnecessary, we have already entered.”

A couple with a group of guards following behind them entered.

These two were experts. They also possessed extraordinary strength…

Mu Qing calmed his heart and hastily went forth to greet them. “Has the lord and lady come regarding the young mistress of the Xiao family?”

Madam Sheng Yue and Xiao Tian Yu were stunned. Could it be that he already knew their purpose in coming here? But they hadn’t publicized this information and only the two of them knew of it.

Furthermore, if Mu Qing knew that Mu Ru Yue was the daughter of the Xiao family, he shouldn’t have such an expression.

“The head of the Mu family knows the purpose of why my husband and I came here?” Madam Sheng Yue had her brows raised as she asked indifferently.

“Of course I know.” Mu Qing tried his best to look as humble as possible as he said respectfully, “Recently, there was a young mistress of the Xiao family that came to our Kingdom of Xi Yue. She had said that she was the daughter of Madam Sheng Yue. Since she fancied Lord Ghost King, she got into a conflict with my unfilial daughter. As a result, she was hurt by my unfilial daughter. Haven’t the Lord and Madam come for that?”

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    1. OMG! If they really said that, they must be too stupid, They will meet their demise early then~ (Hope it’s a cruel and daunting experience for Mu Family, Crown Prince JIng and That Xiao Bitch, Including the Pervert Saintess sect head)

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  2. This mu qing… i dont know whether to laugh or cry anymore. Not only did he enrage the sheng madam. This can cause him to be killed by the xiao grandfather idiot guy. Who told him to recall tht incident and tell it to sheng madam!? Haha he will be dead for good now. I kinda pity him a little though lol.

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