EAA Chapter 178


Chapter 178 – A Pair Of Alluring Purple Eyes Part 1

The streets were busy as people people pointed at a passing prisoner cart. Everyone’s eyes were filled with clear ridicule.

“We already knew how terrible the head of the Mu family treated his biological daughter. I didn’t expect that she wasn’t even his biological daughter. It’s no wonder why he was so cruel.”

“Even if she wasn’t his daughter, anyone would still love a tender and cute baby girl, right? It’s just that the Mu family was so inhumane. One of the younger sisters snatched the eldest sister’s fiance and the father helped in it, even allowing them to have a relationship without marriage.”

“The treatment between those two who weren’t even his daughters is just so different. Mu Qing is really merciless and ruthless. There is also Mu Yi Xue. She planned to ruined her elder sister’s chastity due to fancying the Ghost King. Those two daughters aren’t any good.”


“Mu Ru Yue initially wasn’t a trash but was poisoned by Mu Ting Er when she was young. She regained her ability to cultivate due to an expert’s help in detoxifying her. Mu Ting Er was already so venomous at such a tender age. Of course she would still be a harbinger of disaster when she grew up. It’s no wonder why His Highness The Crown Prince didn’t want her in the end.”

“Don’t just speak such depressing things. Even though Mu Ru Yue was tricked, good things happened to her after she suffered. Not only did she get a good partner in life, she also reunited with her parents. Moreover, she is now the young mistress of the main branch of such a powerful family. On the other hand, Mu Ting Er and Mu Yi Xue have such a terrible end. As expected, the heavens are always watching. One will get retribution for what one does.”

These words of mockery were like sharp thorns that pierced the hearts of the father and daughter trio.

How great had they previously been? They have now become prisoners today.


That’s right, they weren’t satisfied at all…

“What nonsense are you all saying?” Mu Yi Xue lifted her head and shouted, “Even if Mu Ru Yue wasn’t my father’s daughter, father is still her foster father. Isn’t a person who abandons someone that nurtured her for sixteen years inhumane?!

Mu Yi Xue was in a sorry state as her hair was let down and lay unkempt on her shoulders. She looked just like a crazy woman.

The crowd burst into laughter.

You have all done so many things to her during these sixteen years. You had beaten, scolded, even nearly forced her death. Lastly, you even planned to ruin her chastity.

What right did you have to make her pity you then?

She was already lenient on behalf of those sixteen years to not chop you up blade after blade.

Mu Yi Xue’s nails sunk deeply into her palm. She bit her pale white lip tightly and droplets of blood entered her mouth. What else could she do other than loathe Mu Ru Yue?

‘Mu Ru Yue, if I gain another life, I will cut you into countless pieces!’

While Mu Yi Xue gritted her teeth in hatred, the people beneath the prisoner cart mercilessly threw rocks toward the three of them…

Central region.

Flowers were in abundance and blossomed like a brocade.

Inside a mountain valley was a man in white robes and with white hair sitting within its white flowers.

His snow white robe fluttered in the breeze and carried a flowery scent with it. This scene was so beautiful that it didn’t seem real. The man was like an exiled immortal, and his white robes couldn’t be stained with the dirt of the mundane world.

He possessed a beauty that could make any gender gasp when they looked at him.

If Mu Ru Yue were here, she would have recognised this man. It was Bai Ze, the one who had pulled her into a dimension without cause or reason as he said those illogical words.

Even his brows were white. While this made him looked eccentric, it was also really good looking…

Suddenly, the man opened his eyes and shifted his gaze toward another set of clouds. He sighed gently. “His memories have already started to recover. The central region will no longer be peaceful…”

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  1. When I remember what people said before : ” about MC be a trash ” ” that she is a bitch ” ” she is shameless “…. AND NOW the commoner reverse their words !!! Like in the pill assembly. Even when MRY was the best for the two first trial all the public think that she will lose because the other boy do a good pill. They don’t remember the super extraordinary two first trial !!! People forget so quick and create some grudge at light speed that crazy ! Same with the MC boyfriend. He condemn to death and torture just because she ( who love him and want him to not be injured ) lend an aphrodisiac to MRY ! CHINESE ARE CRAZY………. lol

  2. pls release just 1 more chapter! its really too interesting 2 read people ridiculing those bastard of the Mu Family!

  3. When did Mu Ting Er become the elder sister? I thought Mu Ru Yue was the First Miss and Mu Ting Er was the Second Miss. Was I mistaken the whole time?

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