EAA Chapter 179


Chapter 179 – A Pair Of Alluring Purple Eyes Part 2

Saintess Sect.

A foot stepped into the sect towards the clamouring sounds…

It was a man. He wore a silver robe with an enormous silver dragon embroidered on it. It looked amazing beneath the moonlight. The man had a silver mask on his face, making it impossible to see his appearance. When this man stepped in from outside, however, he made people feel a pressure that was so great that they were unable to breathe.



That’s right. This man radiated nobility and elegance. Such a domineering nobility was incomparable to other nobles.

Furthermore, this man possessed a pair of alluring purple eyes…

The colour seemed like the most prestigious colour in the world. It enhanced his appearance to the point where he was breathtaking.

No wind blew, yet that man’s silver robe fluttered slightly. When the purple eyes swept across the crowd, the formless pressure from him made a couple of the people pale and kneel to the ground before him.

“You are finally here!”

A low and hoarse voice was heard from before him.

The sect leader of the Saintess Sect walked hastily over with the support of a bunch of girls. His carving-like handsome face displayed a cold smile. It looked even more sinister with the scar on his left face.

This smile could have made anyone tremble with fear.

The silver robed man, however, stayed emotionless. It was as though he wasn’t stirred up at all by the sight of the other man.

“Who on earth are you? Why do you constantly go against my Saintess Sect?” When the sect leader lifted his head to look at the purple-eyed man, he asked “Are you Ghost King Ye Wu Chen?”

He’d fought against Ye Wu Chen two month ago. Who could have known that the crafty Ye Wu Chen would flee? He’d escaped without a trace despite his pursuit.

How could he be satisfied if he couldn’t kill Ye Wu Chen?

Recently, his subordinates had suggested capturing Mu Ru Yue to threaten Ye Wu Chen, but he restricted them as he didn’t like to use such despicable, unmanly acts. Ye Wu Chen probably knew he didn’t like to use a girl to threaten him so he’d fought against him.

Yet, his subordinate then suggested a great idea, which was to release news that he desired to capture that girl.

Ye Wu Chen could be counted as a love fanatic, just like his father. Even if he knew that these rumours couldn’t be so easily believed, he’d still brought the people of his Ghost Manor here…

Ye Wu Chen was then injured in that fight while his own Saintess Sect had lost many of its elites. After that battle, there wasn’t any trace of Ye Wu Chen until this man appeared.

This man’s appearance resulted in the destruction of the branch sects of the Saintess Sect and now he was here threatening his life.

He suspected that this man was Ye Wu Chen!

Yet, Ye Wu Chen clearly hadn’t possessed such tyrannical strength.

More importantly, a person’s appearance could be changed easily with pills, including their hair. However, the sole thing that pills hadn’t yet achieved in changing were the eyes.

Ye Wu Chen’s eyes had been black, but this man’s was undeniably purple…

Thus, even if he were the sect leader of the Saintess Sect, he didn’t know who this man was and why he hated him to such an extent. Must he force him to his death every time? Had he killed his parents or snatched his woman, thus resulting in him becoming his nemesis?

The sect leader truly grieved. While his opponent wanted to kill him, he didn’t even know the reason…

A strong aura burst forth before him and the sect leader hastily used his own aura to resist.


He retreated a couple steps back from the shock wave of the aura collision, then parted his lips to cough out a mouthful of blood.

“Sect leader!”

The crowd’s expression changed greatly as they called out anxiously.

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  1. Oohhh~~ means there’s more secrets to WuChen? So the man Bai Zhi referred to is WuChen? WuChen is not a mere Ghost King??? The purple eyed man with silver mask is Wu Chen right?!

  2. Extra chapter. Wuuu…Miki is soooo awesome please let me call you Miki onee-sama??? wonder if the guy’s really Bei Zhe…or is he the one Bei Zhe mentioned a while back (but then again it was mentioned as a “her”…so…)

      1. That’s fine though lol? Wait After mentioning it…now I’m curious on how old you are and I know this is a private info and I shouldn’t really ask but how old are you?? ?

  3. It’s not Ghost King. This guy pulled MC into separate space during the alchemy competition, that was when he was introduced. Ghost King faced him as well. MC, Ghost King, the guy without memory and the girl that wants to snatch MC’s spirit pool or whatever are like reincarnations that are replaying some struggle that happened before and this guy knows about it.

    That is if this guy and the guy in white in last chapter are the same ppl. Alternatively this could be the guy who regained his memory, but then why would all wear white …

  4. Lol, did the head of Saintress Sect just state that if his subordinates were to kidnap MRY, it would be despicable and unmanly of him?! He basically kidnapped other girls, raped them, and forced them to join his sect! I’m not even sure he understands those terms because all of his methods are despicable and unmanly. He’s a hypocrite, that’s all I’ve got to say. ?

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