EAA Chapter 180


Chapter 180 – A Pair Of Alluring Purple Eyes Part 3

The sect leader waved his hand and gritted his teeth as he ordered, “Quickly retreat!”

It wouldn’t be too late for a gentleman to exact his revenge, even if he had to wait ten years. He would always have the chance to seek revenge if he didn’t die…

The silver robed man raised his hand slightly, and a black ray of light struck toward the sect leader’s chest. The sect leader chose not to resist against it and instead, welcomed it, spreading his defenses wide.

The sect leader rapidly retreated backward, borrowing the force of that black light. Taking advantage of this moment, his hand landed on a golden lion to the side. With a push of his palm’s wind, the golden lion moved. At the same time, a stone door opened behind it. He sniggered coldly at the silver robed man before entering the stone wall, destroying the key to opening the secret pathway as he left—that Golden Lion!


The silver robed man looked at the tightly shut stone door, but didn’t pursue the sect leader. He instead used those that were abandoned by the sect leader as targets to vent his anger…

A bloodbath occurred within the Saintess Sect, creating a human hell…


The moon was like water as it gave off a faint light. The young girl within a room had her eyes closed tightly, her eyelashes trembling slightly. It was obvious that she felt extremely uneasy.

The young girl’s skin was wonderfully smooth and radiant. It looked devastatingly beautiful beneath the moonlight.

Yet, who was there to see a silver robed figure enter through the room’s window to stand before the young girl’s bed…

He focused wholeheartedly on the young girl who was sleeping soundly. He touched his bare face and couldn’t help but laugh bitterly. Following that, he replaced the silver mask, covering his visage.

The instant he placed the mask back on his face, the young girl abruptly opened her cold eyes. She leapt up from her bed and mercilessly pierced two of her fingers toward the throat of the man standing before her bed.

But she stopped once she neared the man’s throat…

“Wu Chen? No, you are not Wu Chen. Who are you?”

The elation on the young girl’s face faded gradually as she lifted her head to look at the man before her, stressing each syllable as she asked her question.

She had seen Wu Chen’s silver mask before so she had misidentified this man as Wu Chen. But Wu Chen didn’t have purple eyes, and even the aura between this man and Wu Chen was different…

This man wasn’t Ye Wu Chen.

The man extended his hand as though wanting to caress the young girl’s face. Yet, he immediately put down his hand the moment he was about to touch her. A trace of bitterness and reluctance flashed past his eyes.

He gave the young girl a last deep look before wordlessly turning his body to leave the room…

Mu Ru Yue’s heart palpitated slightly.

Initially, Bai Ze had deep pain in his eyes when he looked at her. Although she didn’t know why she felt a slight twinge of discomfort when she saw the pain in his eyes, it had only been up to that extent.

Yet, when she saw this man’s pain, her heart felt as if it had been violently pierced by something.

She lifted her head to look in the direction where the man had disappeared and slightly pursed her lips.

Wu Chen, was that actually you?

If it was, then why didn’t you want to meet me?

She was destined to have a sleepless night tonight.

Once the man left the Mu residence, he nearly toppled over from the pain. He used his hand to gently caress the silver mask on his face. With pain-filled purple eyes, he muttered, “This power has returned once again…”

The power rampaging all over his body was uncontrollable. Even he didn’t know what was going on.

Intense pain made the man break out in a cold sweat. He raised his head to yell out…

At that moment, countless black flames shot out from his body, completely burning down the surrounding trees. Following that, serenity returned, leaving the man gasping violently for air…

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  1. Nah, I don’t think that’s Wu Chen, I think it’s that guy that pulled Mu Ru Yue into another dimension then Wu chen came and tried taking her back. Thanks for the chapter and teaser!!

  2. Nah itz exactly wu Chen smtng which was hidden in him has awakened and he doesn’t want to hurt her datz y hez hiding from her, I hope he will try to master that power

  3. Initially, Bai Ze had deep pain in his eyes when he looked at her. Although she didn’t know why she felt a slight twinge of discomfort when she saw the pain in his eyes, it had only been up to that extent. Isnt it bai ze?

  4. Purple… could this have something to do with the poison behind his body? But the poison shouldnt be that strong… im guessing that this is Wu chen. Sigh… it’s either he didnt want to let MRY to see him in this state or he has some orher reason he conseal himself in order not to hurt her.

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