EAA Chapter 181


Chapter 181 – Returning Home And Proclaiming Her Ancestry Part 1

Bright sunlight entered the hall from outside.

Madam Sheng Yue was discussing something with Xiao Tian Yu and often giggled happily. When she saw the young girl entering the room, the smile on her exquisite face intensified.

“Yue Er, your father and I are discussing when we should return to the Xiao family. After you return home and proclaim your ancestry, your grandfather will definitely be elated.”

When Mu Ru Yue looked at Madam Sheng Yue’s gentle appearance, her lips curved up into a faint smile. “I will head back with you after I’ve settled all matters here.”


She was only making a trip back…

She still had many matters to settle and wouldn’t be able to stay continuously within the Xiao family.

Wu Chen…

Suddenly, the image of those pained and sorrowful purple eyes last night appeared in Mu Ru Yue’s mind. It was as if something violently pierced her heart.

He brows knitted slightly from the pain.

Was that man really Wu Chen?

If it wasn’t Wu Chen, then who else could it be?

“Father, mother, I have something I would like to ask.”

Madam Sheng Yue and Xiao Tian Yu looked at one another before shifting their gazes back to Mu Ru Yue. With a gentle smile, she prompted, “Yue Er, you can ask us anything.”

“I don’t know, but have you two ever heard the name, Bai Ze?”

Bai Ze was an immortal-like handsome man. This was a man she was unable to forget. She kept feeling that they’d known each other before, but she just couldn’t remember where.

“Bai Ze?” Xiao Tian Yu frowned. “I remember this being recorded within an ancient book. Bai Ze seems to be the name of an early historic vicious beast.”

Early historic vicious beast?

Mu Ru Yue was slightly stunned. That man didn’t seem very vicious.

“Father, can you describe that beast in more detail?”

Xiao Tian Yu looked at Mu Ru Yue and gave a slight sigh. “I’m not very sure about this. Bai Ze seemed to have been a top expert of the central Region. He completed a contract with a human and accompanied that person on expeditions everywhere. Following that, the person seemed to have disappeared. Some people said that the person had died. Others said he’d become a god. There were various rumours surrounding that person. After that person vanished, Bai Ze similarly disappeared from the world. But it was a person of the central region after all, so I don’t really know the finer details of what happened.”

Mu Ru Yue raised her brows.

It seemed that if she wanted to resolve her curiosity, she would have to make a trip to the central region…

Even though Mu Ru Yue wasn’t a person from this world, she knew that the central region was where the true elites roamed. It was filled with countless experts, and her current abilities were too insufficient to go there.

“Wait three days for me. I will settle all of my matters here within that time frame and return back to the Xiao family with you.”

To be honest, Mu Ru Yue didn’t want to go to Sheng Domain, but, for Madam Sheng Yue, she would head back and proclaim her ancestry…

Fine sunny weather.

Old man Xiao sighed slightly in the Xiao family’s clan hall inside Sheng Domain. He often gazed outside with a trace of anxiousness on his elderly face.

Tian Er and Yu Er had already left for some time. Why hadn’t they returned? Could it be that something had gone wrong with his granddaughter so they had to stay there for a while?

The old man grew increasingly restless.

If he had been stronger sixteen years ago, then perhaps that incident wouldn’t have occurred. It was due to him being unable to suppress those obstinate fools that they’d given the evildoers a chance.

Truthfully, he had let down this couple and their offspring…

It had already been sixteen years, and he still felt as guilty after all these years as he had then. He bore this guilt every single moment and was afraid that his Xiao family’s flesh and blood had been bullied in the outside world…

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  1. pls release more chapters 2day! this is what ive finally been waiting for ever since it started releasing! the mc is finally meeting the blood related family members!!!! pls consider this request!

  2. I don’t know why but as soon as I read that part I imagined her saying with a sad and bitter face, something like, “I can’t go with you I must wait here for someone” while slowly shaking her head.
    Thanks for the chapter and teaser!

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    1. If what is written in this chapter proves to be true, the purple man is beast in human form that probably had contract with either YWC or the guy that lost his memories.

  4. The purple man isn’t Bei Zhe. I know that for sure. I got confused at first due to chap 178 talking about Bei Zhe in a meadow and then he said something about a GUY’s memory and CENTRAL REGION. Plus! Bei Zhe features are all white. His clothes to his brows.
    The one who met Saintess sect Leader is someone else in chap 179. Most likely Bei Zhe’s previous contractor and I REALLY hope for him to be Ye Wu Chen. Bcos Ru Yue’s reaction is too great for it not to be and hints in the clothing is kinda obvious no?

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