EAA Chapter 186


Chapter 186 -Returning Home And Proclaiming Her Ancestry Part 6

Xiao Lin reported what just happened to Xiao Tian Yu and Madam Sheng Yue within the main hall. It was obvious that their expressions darkened.

With a slight snort, Madam Sheng Yue placed her hand gently on the table. “Husband, let’s go find father. We don’t even need to think to know that the old man will immediately ask father to seek justice for him.”

Madam Sheng Yue had long since been unsatisfied with that old man.

When she had first married into the Xiao family and hadn’t yet become Madam Sheng Yue, that old man had tried forcing her husband to take in other wives. How could there be other people, excluding her, in his bed? That bastard Xiao Yin had wanted to give his daughter as a concubine to him due to her liking Brother Tian.


He even said that the bloodline of a woman from the outside weren’t pure, so how about internal mating within the Xiao family…

Madam Sheng Yue really wanted to kill the old man at that time.

And now, his granddaughter took a fancy of her daughter’s fiance and was delusionally trying to destroy her daughter’s happiness. How could she stand this? Furthermore, Xiao Min’s actions were intolerable to the point that even the people of Sheng Domain couldn’t bear her.

“I have wanted to deal with that old man for a long time already.” Xiao Tian Yu chuckled coldly. “During my investigations these past years, I finally found out that this old man had an undeniable connection with the Nangong family when they infiltrated into the Xiao family. If he dares to look for father today, then I will settle all of this past and present debt with him while conveniently giving Yue Er her rightful status.”

Being protective was human nature.

Xiao Yin’s protectiveness was similar to Xiao Tian Yu’s. It was just a pity that it was Xiao Min that had provoked his long lost daughter, a genuine main branch young mistress. Thus, that old man and his granddaughter certainly wouldn’t be able to get any good outcome this time.

They might even lose their lives.

As expected, the couple had guessed correctly. After seeing Xiao Min hurt, Xiao Yin immediately bolted to find Old Man Xiao within his study room. Once he found him, he started to complaining to Old Man Xiao.

“Family head, you must give me justice. That bitch Mu Ru Yue has gone overboard and hurt my precious granddaughter. Nothing will appease my hatred unless she is cut into countless pieces, blade after blade! Family head, I only have the request of placing that bitch Mu Ru Yue into my hands. Moreover, the person that brought her here, and their relatives, should also be expelled from our Xiao family!”

Xiao Yin gritted his teeth in hatred. He didn’t in the slightest see that the old man’s expression had darkened.

Wasn’t it his son that brought Mu Ru Yue here?

Wasn’t the relatives of his son the entire main branch’s younger generation?

This old man was simply too daring. He was only an elder of a side branch, yet he wanted to chase out the entire main branch of the Xiao family? Who gave this stupid and foolish old man the guts?

The old man’s face turned ashened. He suppressed the molten fury in his heart and, with a darkened face, ordered, “I want to commence a family meeting as I have something important to announce. You are to gather all of the elders in the discussion room. No one is allowed to be absent. Whoever doesn’t come, they can just leave the Xiao family!”

The old man didn’t look at Xiao Yin’s expression as he just walked out of the room after giving his orders.

A trace of hatred appeared in Xiao Yin’s eyes as he looked at that departing figure.

It seemed that this old man planned to stand by his side this time. That bitch wouldn’t be able to escape death, and this including the fools that brought her to the Xiao family. They similarly wouldn’t be let off unscathed.

How noble was his Xiao family? How could an ordinary girl step into such a place?

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  2. @Miki, you do know chainsaws don’t need sharpening right? The literally use a chain to saw through stuff if you sharpened it, you would snap the chain and break it…

    1. Miki has the power to teleport from the modern to the past (Along with some amazing devices) XD Otherwise, how can Miki be in the story and be talking with you now?

  3. Ooooo I feel really bad… The poor room is going to be stained with their disguisting blood. After your done make sure to sterilize all of the equipment and the room because you don’t know what’s in their blood. For all we know it could be rotting, after all it wouldn’t be surprising with how rotten their personalities are. Make sure to burn their remains too so that you don’t have to risk a pandemic and use a lot of alcohol for the room and the equipment. Hope your floor is also tiles so the blood is easier to clean.

  4. Miki, as someone who writes horror stories in my free time, I have a suggestion.
    Use dull knifes, the edges of the cuts will be jagged/rough, making it harder for the wounds close and heal properly. Also with a dull knife you will have to make more cuts to reach the same depth of a cut from a sharp blade. This means more pain for the victim, but also more work on your part too.

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    After all, what’s the point of leaving if you can’t even do anything?
    They’ll soon go crazy from boredom and madness as you secretly watch them from the little window. ^^

  8. Miki… you scare me XD My method would be to impale their hands and feet, dislocate all their major joints then string them up through the holes i made and make them dance like a merrionette, but then again I just started rewatching criminal minds so I’m in a murdery mood xD all hail queen Miki!

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  10. This chapter reminds me of the Biblical story of Esther …specifically a man named Haman (spoiler: things did not end well for him either).

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