EAA Chapter 188


Chapter 188 -Returning Home And Proclaiming Her Ancestry Part 8

Xiao Min was crazed due to her anger.

No matter how arrogant and despotic she usually was, she definitely wouldn’t dare to be so brazen before Xiao Tian Yu and his wife. Yet, she had completely lost her rationality and just wanted to rip this damnable girl into bits.

Anyone who experienced what she had would also have difficulty keeping their senses.

Who knew that the ordinary girl she’d looked down upon had suddenly leaped to become the main branch young mistress of the Xiao family? It was a position and status she’d fought to achieve for such a long time.


Why was she able to achieve what she couldn’t?

Was it due to her possessing the blood of Xiao Tian Yu and Madam Sheng Yue?

This wasn’t fair!

Xiao Min was so angry that she clenched her fist, her delicate body shuddering. The pain from her nails reminded her of everything this girl had done to her.


A jade-like hand swung at her face.

The crisp slapping sound broke the tranquility of the discussion room. Similarly, it had slowly woken Xiao Min to her senses. She lifted her eyes toward the cold expression of Madam Sheng Yue. She was so frightened that her body trembled.

“Young, young Madam…”

Xiao Min pursed her lips slightly, grievance in her eyes.

“Outrageous!” Madam Sheng Yue shouted. With ice-cold frost covered her face, she asked, “Who gave you the guts to insult my daughter?”

“But… she was the one that provoked me first. Not only did she make people scrap my cultivation, she cut off my finger.” Xiao Min lifted her hand. Her cut off finger alarmed the crowd.

The elders shifted their gazes to Mu Ru Yue and took in a deep breath.

This young girl was so venomous at such a tender age. What would happen in the future? If she was the daughter of the Xiao family, the Xiao family would reach its demise under her hands.

“My daughter hurt you first?” Madam Sheng Yue chuckled coldly. With traces of mockery in her beautiful eyes, she clarified, “Xiao Min, was she really the one that provoked you first? Do you think I am clueless? I don’t care of you usually rely on your power to oppress others, but now you have done it to Yue Er. Tell me, for what reason do you think I will let you off?!”

Her ice-cold gaze and sharp tone was like thorns that viciously pierced Xiao Min’s heart.

A layer of tears coated Xiao Min’s eyes. Just when she wanted to stand up for herself, she was intercepted by Madam Sheng Yue’s frosty tone.

“When you were outside, you took a fancy to Yue Er’s fiance and wanted to snatch away her fiance. You even used my Xiao family name and my own name to threaten her. You even publicized yourself as my daughter. I don’t know when I had adopted such a shameless daughter. What qualifications do you have to proclaim yourself as my child?”

Xiao Min’s body shuddered slightly as she bit her lips, too afraid to say anything.

“You tried to use the Xiao family’s power to snatch that man. You even went to seek trouble with Yue Er and even challenged her to a fight. It was due to your skills being inferior to hers that you resorted to using the Xiao family’s forbidden technique in the hopes of killing my daughter. It was already lenient for my daughter and her fiance to not kill you in the name of the Xiao family. What more do you want? You accidentally offended an expert outside and that expert infiltrated my Xiao family to cut off your finger? You even thought of blaming it on Yue Er. Do you think people wouldn’t know and find all of this out? It’s truly laughable as Xiao Lin saw all of this happening.”

Xiao Lin, who had been following behind Xiao Tian Yu and his wife, almost fell after hearing what Madam Sheng Yue said.

‘So the Young Madam also has her shameless moments…’

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  1. Miki don’t do that….it’s too messy and tiring…have someone boil the flesh off her body so all you have are clean bones. Then you can keep the skeleton in your closet ( ^ ^ )

  2. Dig a pit, fill with water, and leeches are thrown in the fill the hole. Then, cut off Xiao Min’s limbs one by one and throw them in the hole for her to watch. Then peel her face off as well and throw it in. After, parade her in town, telling everyone what she did and then take her to a foreign place. Give her to the men to play with for a day. Bring her back, and toss her back into the hole to be eaten to death…………But we could just go with Miki’s plan. Slugs give me the shivers. ~(>__<~)

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