EAA Chapter 190


Chapter 190- Returning Home And Proclaiming Her Ancestry Part 10

Initially, if it wasn’t for the young madam rejecting his daughter servicing the young head, his daughter wouldn’t have chosen to commit suicide due to her feelings being unaccepted. It was due to the pain of losing his daughter that he agreed to the Nangong family’s request in assisting them to infiltrate the Xiao family and steal the young madam’s daughter.

His daughter was in her prime. Her talent and appearance was also great, and she just wanted to be a concubine of the young head. What right did she have to stop that? In this world, which man would choose to live their life with only a single woman?

It was normal and common sense for a man to have three wives and four concubines.

“Xiao Yin, what you really wanted to say was your daughter.” Madam Sheng Yue smiled coldly at Xiao Yin. “I will tell you why now. You are a man so you naturally won’t understand how we girls feel. In your eyes, a man should have three wives and four concubines and be surrounded by girls. But as a woman, I love my husband so I don’t want to share him with others. Moreover, which eyes did you use to see me stop my husband in taking other wives? Those girls were personally pushed away by my husband. My husband can take in other wives or concubines, but I would just choose to leave him after. If he had the heart to take in others, I definitely won’t stop him. Similarly, if I want to leave the Xiao family, he can’t stop me.”


She definitely wouldn’t share her husband with others in her life.

If Xiao Tian Yu really did let her down, then this man wasn’t worthy of her deep affection.

“Yu Er,” Xiao Tian Yu walked forward and gently embrace his wife before shifting his gaze to Xiao Yin, who still had a terrible expression. With a sharp gaze, he clarified, “What Yu Er said was right. She did not stop me from taking in other wives. It is due to me personally not wanting to have a relationship with other girls. Xiao Yin, you have done so many things; do you think I will let you off?”

He wouldn’t be satisfied if Xiao Yin and his granddaughter didn’t die. He could only kill these two to appease his anger.

Currently, Xiao Yin was so angered that he couldn’t speak. Whenever he thought about his daughter’s death, he couldn’t help but loathe this Xiao Tian Yu and Madam Sheng Yue couple. Even if the young head didn’t want to let down the young madam, did that have to mean his daughter’s life meant nothing?

His daughter had used death to force his hand, but he still didn’t want to take her in as his concubine. Even if it were on behalf of being an elder of the Xiao family, he shouldn’t have rejected her.

If Xiao Tian Yu heard Xiao Yin’s thought, he would definitely have felt he was laughable.

Could it be that if all the women in the world used their life to threaten him, he must accept them? A girl that didn’t treasure her own life and used such a method to force him, why should he treat her courteously?

What he hated in his life was to be threatened!

When Mu Ru Yue looked at the loving couple, she was rather touched. Even if this continent respected experts, a man’s position was still higher than a woman’s. It was normal for a man to have three wives and four concubines, but girls would be treated as a slut if they did that. Thus, there wasn’t any gender equality on this Martial God Continent.

However, Xiao Tian Yu was able to wholeheartedly love only Madam Sheng Yue, and this was really touching. The men on this continent that were willing to have only one woman in their life were in their minority.

Subconsciously, Mu Ru Yue suddenly thought about Ye Wu Chen’s divine-like face.

Yet, she didn’t know where her man was now…

“Father, mother, please allow me to settle these remaining matters.” Mu Ru Yue smiled faintly. She gently caressed the head of the little beast in her embrace, saying, “Yan Jin, that old man was impolite to my parents. What do you think I should do?”

Yan Jin suddenly raised his small head, and his abyss-like eyes focused on Xiao Yin. His black eyes were filled with a brazen and domineering aura as he looked with disdain at the crowd before him…

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  1. Great although I hoped that the (forgot their names) piles of trash would feel more despair instead of anger.
    Thanks for the teaser and chapter!

  2. Face palm. Seriously, if the guy in question himself reject it, why on earth others still telling him to take concubines or wifes? Personally, I’m not opposing a threesome, or quartersome, as long as the party is willing (please note the willing part). But this guy is just want to forcing his idea to others! Just die! I hate people who forcing their idea to others.

  3. Really enjoying the story so far.
    Now in reference to the marriage issue. In the time frame being used for the story having multiple wives and concubines was standard, monogamy was very rare. However I completely agree with it is the couples decision not an outsiders decision. That guy is from the branch family!! Who does he think he is to dictate to the main family head who he has to marry. Tick tick

    Also how childish is he to steal a child because his daughter gets rejected. I understand he’s upset from her committing suicide but his behavior is wrong and twisted. But we need our nemeses in the story.

  4. Three wives and four concubines….well it probably can’t help since people from the Olden times are so keen on wanting to increase their power, influence, status and stuff like that so that’s why that shitty saying was made. And concubines is for what…? Their lust? Or there’s a commoner they love but since she came from a low family she can only be a Yinang? That aside i srsly applaud men from the past who was loyal only to one woman. Like ???????? Anyways time and time again Miki’s awesomeness knows no bounds. ?? And I’m just so glad I started reading this novel ?

  5. If she killed herself than its her fault. She deserved to fie anyway wanting to insert herself into someone’s marriage. She was a bitch that needed to die so no loss there.

  6. One of my favorites now!! I will forever follow this. Xiao Yin, you swine. Be careful how you are speaking in front of the great Madam Sheng Yue and her daughter, Mu Ru Yue! Even though your small pig brain can’t comprehend being loyal, that doesn’t mean that it can’t understand the threat of death, right?

  7. The whole 3 wives 4 concubines thing isnt so much about lust as it is about making connections to other families you know
    Who the hell would want to have more than one arranged marriage when they have to deal with them retardedly trying to kill each other and your children
    It also has to do with knowing lineage, if a woman takes many husbands it will be hard to know which one is the father of the child and she can only be pregnant once every 9 months if lucky, which is inefficient by the chinese standards
    Its easy to point fingers about sexism and treating women like objects, but thats the responsibility of nobility you know, you have obligations for your family and country, and thats why you get so much money and luxury etc.
    Not like the guys get to choose who their arranged to be will be often either

    1. It is also about stacking the odds because …

      1) need male heir due to how inheritances worked
      2) infant mortality
      3) death of the mother from childbirth

      also pretty sure it is more than 9 months because getting pregnant again right after giving birth is not considered a good idea

  8. Letme see if i got this right… So his daughter committed suicide because she couldn’t become the concubine right? Then where did the granddaughter came from? Did she marry someone after getting rejected and have a baby before killing herself or was she already married and had a child before wanting to become the concubine? o_O

    Both scenarios are quite unlikely so where did this mysterious granddaughter came from??? I smell a plot hole…

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