EAA Chapter 191


Chapter 191- Returning Home And Proclaiming Her Ancestry Part 11

Xiao Min bit her lips as she didn’t believe that the little beast would be of any threat to her grandfather. But Xiao Yin, who had been baptised by time, didn’t think the same. When the little beast looked over, he felt a power that made his soul tremble. That power made his body shake uncontrollably a couple of times, astonishment filling his face.


Yan Jin coldly snorted and leapt out from Mu Ru Yue’s embrace. Gradually, his body elongated before the crowd. A black clothed man appeared before them in the next moment.

That man’s appearance looked as though it had been crafted. His black eyes were deep. Although he didn’t have the divine-like appearance of Ye Wu Chen, he was still able to attract a girl’s attention toward him.


The domineering aura in his eyes was both tyrannical and unruly. It was as though he were a noble king. His body reeked with nobility, as though it were natural for him to stand at the top and look down with disdain at the bunch of ants.

“Xiantian magical beast!’

Xiao Yin’s expression changed as he could clearly feel the tyrannical strength coming from this man. His cultivation was definitely at the Xiantian realm, and this was a magical beast that could humanize.

That’s right, after Mu Ru Yue left the archive, she looked for Xiao Tian Yu and his Madam. Coincidentally, the Xiao family had a thousand years medicinal plant which she’d then given to Yan Jin for his consumption. Hence, Yan Jin’s current cultivation was now at the Xiantian realm.

As a Xiantian expert, he held a highly prestigious position inside Sheng Domain.

“This little girl is this senior’s mistress. Similarly, she isn’t someone you can hurt.” Yan Jin lifted his head slightly and swept a disdainful gaze toward the paled Xiao Yin, saying, “You want to offend this senior with just your current cultivation?”

If he possessed his previous life’s strength, then not to mention Xiao Yin, he could destroy the Sheng Domain whenever he wanted.

Yan Jin gradually lifted his hand and a black ray of light shot forth from his sleeve.


It struck Xiao Yin in the chest. His body was sent flying violently and he landed on the ground.

This was the difference between a False Xiantian and a Xiantian. It was a heaven and earth difference, even if it supposedly differed by one grade.

Xiao Min was stunned. It was as though she were looking at a monster when she gazed at Yan Jin. Suddenly, she saw his gaze shoot away from the man and toward her. Her delicate body couldn’t help but shiver.


Xiao Min shrieked as she retreated backward. Behind her was the doorstep and she fell back, directly rolling out. She was left in a sorry state from the roll.


That’s right, the current Xiao Min was scared.

So this woman had such a strong magical beast. If she’d used this beast to fight against her, then she probably wouldn’t have been able to return to Sheng Domain…

Yan Jin didn’t even cast a second glance at Xiao Min as he felt it was too much of a humiliation to his hand if he made a move on this kind of woman.

“Do any of you have opinions regarding this senior’s mistress?” Yan Jin swept his gaze toward the elders. His tone was domineering and cold. “This senior will give you a chance to say whatever opinions you have!”

‘Opinion? How could they dare to have an opinion?’

The crowd looked toward Old Man Xiao before smiling bitterly. If it was Old Man Xiao, then he could surely defeat this man. Yet, the old man clearly showed that he wouldn’t take part in this matter.

‘How could they still have opinions?’

Cough cough!” The old man coughed twice before standing up, his expression brimming with a smile. “Since none of you have any opinions, this little girl will be able to proclaim her ancestry and become a member of our Xiao family from now on. I wish that all of you will remember the difference between the main branch and side branch. Don’t you ever follow Xiao Yin’s steps. If not, you will be punished by the family rules!”

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  1. I wonder if Ye Wu Chen will ever comment on the fact that she is perpetually holding a full grown man that could potentially be a love interest… I would look forward that chapter if so.

    1. I thought he did comment about that in one of the previous chapters. Not about being embraced but just being around him. I think that was more of an internal monologue though.

      Ye Wu Chen is also aware that Yan Jin is a beast.

  2. Ahhh!! thank you for the chapters!! And these amazing teasers!! I cant wait to see how he destroys their pride and wipes them from existence! Where are you oh fiancé?

  3. why did they even look at the old man for help? this is his long lost granddaughter we are talking about here.

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