EAA Chapter 192


Chapter 192 – Mu Ru Yue, My Woman Part 1

The crowd’s hearts trembled. Who still dared to say anything? Furthermore, it was only natural that she enter the Xiao family as a clan member who had the bloodline of the Xiao family and shouldn’t stay outside.

“As for Xiao Yin and Xiao Min…” The old man smiled coldly. “They are forbidden to use the surname Xiao and are banished from the Xiao family!”

Xiao Yin clenched his fist tightly. He climbed up from the floor and gazed with furious eyes at the old man, cursing him, every word falling heavily, “Family head, you will regret doing this!”

This old man didn’t care about him and instructed someone at the side, “Why are you still standing there? Immediately toss these two out of the Xiao family. Also, Eighth Elder, come with me.”


After saying that, the old man left the discussion room without turning his head back once.

“Grandfather.” Xiao Min walked over to Xiao Yin’s side, tears of grievance in her eyes.

She had been despotic and unruly when she used the name of the Xiao family. Now, she had lost this protective umbrella. She couldn’t imagine what her future would be like now. 

“Min Er, let’s go. We don’t need to concern ourselves with this Xiao family. We will definitely make them regret what they have done today!”

Xiao Yin’s hatred deepened and intensified.

He definitely wouldn’t forgive the Xiao family!

When Madam Sheng Yue saw the killing intent in his eyes, she sniggered coldly. Did he really think father would let him go? All of this was just an act  for the other elders to see.

If they didn’t eliminate a person like Xiao Yin, then troubles would definitely arise in the future. As such, they had no intention of letting him live.

Wasn’t there a phrase for this? If someone did bad deeds, they would be eliminated by the heavens?

Inside the study room, the old man stood before the Eighth Elder and ordered, “Eighth Elder, you are someone I trust the most within this Xiao family, so I want you to assassinate Xiao Yin and his granddaughter.”

The Eighth Elder’s heart trembled violently as he looked in shock at the old man.

However, he quickly regained his calm. “Family head, what you are doing isn’t wrong. Xiao Yin will definitely repay any grudges. He holds hatred in his heart and will definitely create trouble for our Xiao family in the future. Moreover, the crime he committed is  already enough to sign his death warrant.”

Eighth Elder was an intelligent person, so he understood the reason why the old man was doing this. Xiao Yin was an elder of the Xiao family after all, so he definitely possessed men within the Xiao family. If they killed him openly, then while the other elders wouldn’t dare to oppose the family head, their hearts would still ache. Instead of subjecting them to all this, the old man wanted to deal with Xiao Yin secretly.

Outside the border of the Xiao family, strong gusts of wind blew everywhere. While Xiao Min used her strength to resist against the wind and dust, she pulled on her clothing and shifted her gaze to the elder beside her. “Grandfather, where are we heading to now?”

“We will definitely go to the Nangong family.” Xiao Yin chuckled coldly. “Since the Xiao family won’t keep us, we should naturally head to where we belong. The Nangong family has always been preying on the Xiao family like a tiger. It’s a pity that the Nangong family has always been unable to become truly powerful. They were almost annihilated by just Xiao Tian Yu alone about sixteen years ago. But now, we don’t have any other place to go except the Nangong family.”

Xiao Min was slightly displeased. How could the Nangong family be comparable to the Xiao family? Even though she was only from the side branch of the Xiao family, she was already much more noble when compared to the main branch of the Nangong family.

“Min Er, you don’t know about this, but a talented girl has appeared in the Nangong family. That girl possesses prodigious innate talent. I’ve heard that the woman has been looking for a man as her partner. Compared to the Xiao family, the Nangong family holds great potential. Once we enter the Nangong family, we can definitely find a chance to seek vengeance. Don’t you hate that Mu Ru Yue woman to death? If we are able to acquire the assistance of the Nangong family, we will definitely be able to return the humiliation we suffered from today back to her!”

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  1. Yeah, I’m pretty sure the only regret this might bring is “Oh man, why didn’t we just vaporize them and have done?”

    Thanks for the chapters

  2. haha. Next scene: ” You shall rue the day!! I shall get my revenge!!” and they leave with their tail behind their legs. Only to run into mu ru yue’s fiancé ” I have little patience with cockroaches…begone….(poof)” and ashes lay where the insects used to stand.

  3. Wasn’t Madame Sheng Yue’s motto: “Cut the grass by its roots.” or something along that notion? Surely, they wouldn’t let the spawn just go, right?

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  9. A pity, truly a pity. You will die even before u see the nangong family HAHAHAHA. Moreover, this nangong family girl bothers me. If this girl is not an idiot like xiao min, then she’ll bring trouble . As we all know that its not easy to fight smart people,especially those that can control their emotion while they act

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