EAA Chapter 193


Chapter 193- Mu Ru Yue, My Woman Part 2

When Xiao Min thought about Mu Ru Yue, she gritted her teeth with hatred. She definitely wouldn’t be happy if she didn’t avenge this grudge. She would chop that girl into eight large pieces one day. No! She would find a bunch of beggars to rape her first before that.

Suddenly, a figure was gradually becoming visible, walking toward them within the wind and dust…

The silver robe appeared in their sights first. With radiant eyes that shone like light, he seemed to be filled with boundless nobility and all the elegance in the world.

Those silver robes stayed cleaned without even a trace of dirt on them, even as he stood within the wind and dust.


The man wore a silver mask. He was like ice, void of any emotions. Even though his appearance couldn’t be seen, this man looked very fair just from his exposed jaw.

This wasn’t a sickly white colour, but instead the white of the moon. It was so beautiful that it looked breathtaking.

When Xiao Min shifted her gaze upward, a pair of purple eyes greeted her own. She couldn’t help but be stunned, frozen in place as she stared lovestruck at him.

She had never seen anyone’s eyes that could be this beautiful.

It was even more beautiful than amethyst gemstones. They could captivate others, pulling them in and making it difficult for them to look away from it. Yet, although those eyes were beautiful, that sinister and cold, unfeeling aura made her heart shudder.

“Who are you?” Xiao Yin’s heart shuddered as he looked warily at the man before him.

The newcomer did not have any good intentions.

This man shouldn’t be trifled with…

Moreover, there was a fearful power emanating from his body. Just from the force of that power, he didn’t dare to move his body. If this man wanted to kill them, it would be extremely simple.

The man gently raised his gaze and a trace of killing intent flashed past his eyes. With lips parted slightly, what came out was a voice that was pleasant to the ear, but instantly cast others to hell.

“I’m someone after your lives.”

Xiao Yin’s expression changed. “Mister, we don’t have any grudges or disputes. Why do you want to kill us?”

The man raised his foot to walk toward them.

The silver robe fluttered with a gentle breeze. With each of his his steps, a crushing pressure came bore down on them. Under the might of that force, Xiao Yin could only feel an indistinct hand squeezing his throat. This man just needed the desire to rob him of his life and it would be done.

Understanding this, Xiao Yin was extremely terrified. He wanted to break free from the restriction, but his body just couldn’t move.

“You two bullied her.” The man wore a silver mask so it was hard to see his expression, but that phrase was like ice, without a trace of warmth. “I won’t allow anyone that bullies her to live.”

Xiao Yin didn’t know who he was referring to. He raised his head, stupefied. “Mister, did you recognise the wrong person? I didn’t bully anyone.”

“Have you already forgotten?” The man finally halted his steps, yet that pressure didn’t disappear. “Mu Ru Yue is my woman. You two bullied her and still desire to live?”

No matter who it was or where they were, if they bullied her, they must be killed!

“You… you are…” Xiao Min’s body trembled, shock in her eyes as she exclaimed, “That’s impossible! You aren’t the Ghost King! The Ghost King doesn’t have purple eyes. Could it be that the bitch was like I had said and  loose like water with her relationships and wasn’t loyal to her man? How many other guys have there been, excluding the Ghost King?”

The gaze of the man chilled. With a wave of his hand, a tyrannical power sent Xiao Min’s body flying.

Xiao Min soared through the air for a while before landing.


She coughed out a mouthful of blood.

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  1. Miki-san, you shouldn’t cosplaying as angel, it’s too good for those two! You should cosplaying as grim reaper with big bloody scythe, instead.

  2. But… I might scare them away or make that sinister old man try to hurt me~ as they said no one will want to hurt a harmless looking person. Miki hates pain so if she can avoid anything that aims to hurt her or really do, she will do anything for that.

  3. “You bullied my woman, I am here to kill you.”
    “What!? That bitch…”
    This girl’s stupidity never ceases to amaze me.

  4. Is it really him?? I mean, he could have gotten his memories back, and that could have caused some changes to happen during the process… I just guessing, if it really isn’t him, then who the heck is he to call her my woman??

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