EAA Chapter 194


Chapter 194 – Mu Ru Yue, My Woman Part 3

“Min Er!” Xiao Yin’s expression changed drastically. He gazed viciously at the silver robed man. “You attack a weak girl who doesn’t have any means to resist. Are you still a man?”

The man looked coldly at him. Suddenly, the energy within Xiao Yin started to run amok, rampaging throughout his body. His old face paled as he moaned in pain.

Slowly, cuts and gashes appeared on the body of the elder. Blood seeped out from those wounds…

“So what if I attacked the girl?” The man smiled and laughed cruelly, continuing, “So long as it is one who tried to hurt her, no matter if it’s a girl or a three-year-old infant, I still won’t let them off!”


Xiao Yin gritted his teeth tightly, blood flowing from the corner of his lips.

“Aren’t you afraid of having a notorious reputation after doing this for years?”

The man’s purple eyes surged with ridicule. With a cynical smile below the silver mask, he said, “Reputation cannot be compared to her within my heart.”

So what if he had a notorious reputation and was held in contempt for years?

As long as it were those that wanted to harm her, then no matter if it was a girl or a three-year-old infant, he wouldn’t let any of them off.

Xiao Yin suddenly remembered that man he’d met in the Kingdom of Zi Yue.

That man had been known as the Ghost King, and he had said similar words…

Even if he were to oppose the entire Sheng Domain, he definitely wouldn’t allow anyone to hurt her in the slightest, not even a single strand of the hair on her head.

“You are the Ghost King, right? You must be him. I didn’t expect you to come to Sheng Domain! Haha! You think you two can stay together? Let me tell you this; I won’t let you two go even if I become a ghost!” Xiao Yin laughed crazily.

It was due to them that they have arrived at such an outcome! Thus, he surely wouldn’t let them off!


Xiao Yin’s body violently exploded. A blood mist scattered through the wind and dust. But almost immediately, black flames flickered to life. The blood mist slowly vanished, consumed by the black flames…

“Become a ghost? I’m sorry, but you can’t even become one.”

Xiao Yin would have never believed that this man could do such a thing and even rob him of the right to become a lingering soul. Once the soul was cremated, that person disappeared for all eternity.


Just as Xiao Min managed to climb to her feet, she witnessed the cruel sight. She yelled out for her grandfather with all her might. Her grandfather, who had doted upon her since she was young, had died due to her greed.

She knelt to the ground and her delicate body shuddered. Tears flowed down her face. Drop by drop, they fell to the ground.

Suddenly, a foot stopped before her.

Xiao Min lifted her head as she looked with horror at the man before her. Her body shook uncontrollably. “No! Don’t, please don’t kill me. I don’t want to die. I beg you to spare my life. I will do anything so long as you don’t kill me. I beg you. You’ve already killed my grandfather. Please spare my life.”

She didn’t want to die. She really didn’t want to die here…

There wasn’t any emotion in the purple eyes of the man. His gazed at Xiao Min as though he were looking at a dead person. Following that, he gradually lifted his hand…

“No!” Xiao Min was alarmed. Then, as though she had made a decision, she ripped her clothes, exposing her white skin. “Please let me go. I am willing to serve you without any status. I just beg you to not kill me.”


An intense black flame rose from the ground, enclosing Xiao Min’s naked body and covering the bared skin that would invoke disgust for him.

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