EAA Chapter 200


Chapter 200- Who Exactly Are You? Part 6

The man seemed astonished as he looked at the young girl with the appearance of an ice princess.

He didn’t know if he should think of her as extremely observant, or if his and Luo Yi’s acting was just too lousy, allowing her to expose their true selves at a glance. It was such a joke that he had thought she’d believed them…

“You really want to know how, right?” Mu Ru Yue smiled faintly. With a voice so cold that it pierced through bone, she pointed out, “Number one, When Wu Chen is with me, there is a particular feeling that I can sense from him. There wasn’t any such kind of feeling from you, so even though you have an identical appearance, you can’t imitate that aura and can never give me that feeling of safety.

“Number two, Wu Chen and I have known each other for such a long time. I know every acquaintance that is by his side. Excluding me, he is never too intimate with others, so it’s impossible for him to have that kind of female friend.


“Number three, Wu Chen has always respected me. He definitely wouldn’t infringe on my body before we are married, yet you wanted to do something with me. If it were Wu Chen, then even if he had to suppress himself to death, he wouldn’t offend me before we wed.”

Mu Ru Yue looked at the astonished man, her eyes only slightly opened. A sinister cold aura emitted from her body as she spoke, each word distinct and heavy, “I won’t allow anyone who impersonates him to live!”

The man was obviously stunned as he’d thought that he had impersonated the man flawlessly. First, to fool her sight, he hadn’t even used a disguise pill. His master had personally changed his face into this appearance.

More importantly, in order to let that beast be unable to expose him, he’d even changed his aura so that it was identical to Ye Wu Chen’s.

Yet, he hadn’t expected that they wouldn’t have even met for a day before already being exposed. This wasn’t a minor blow to him.

Hahaha!” The man raised his head to laugh before lowering his gaze to look at the beautiful young girl. He smiled mirthlessly and said, “I can tell you our purpose, but what can you do from knowing it? You definitely aren’t a match for our master. Our master had me impersonate him and come to your side in order to destroy your feelings for one another and, if it were convenient, to find a chance to kill you. Moreover, the master also ordered another person to go and impersonate you by his side. You two will never be together.”

Mu Ru Yue stopped her steps as she looked at the man with the crazed smile. With a slight hook from her lips, she said, “Since I can figure out you are a fake, he will also know that person isn’t me. I trust Wu Chen’s judgement, so no matter what ridiculous plot you may have, it will quickly go down the drain. Now, I will give you a chance. Tell me who your master is. If you do, I may give you a quick end.”

The man snorted in disdain and turned his head, not even glancing at Mu Ru Yue.

“Not speaking?” Mu Ru Yue’s brows raised and she said indifferently, “Yan Jin, you can come in now.”

Once her words were uttered, the door was pushed open. Yan Jin moved with a flash to Mu Ru Yue’s side. Right now, he finally knew why the little girl had made him leave temporarily. It was to see exactly what this man was up to.

He’d had his suspicion as to why Ye Wu Chen, who had been so deeply in love with Mu Ru Yue, would suddenly ignore her feelings. He’d also thought this man was an imposter. Could it be that the coincidental meeting with the little girl was also just an act?

They wanted to destroy Ye Wu Chen’s and the little girl’s feelings?

The master in the background must have a great understanding of the little girl and Ye Wu Chen. That person also knew that the little girl couldn’t stand to have a single grain of sand in her eyes. Once Ye Wu Chen did something that let her down, she would leave him without a second thought.

Who was the master in the wings with such a thorough understanding of this little girl?

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